Apple releases the iPhone SDK

This morning Apple released there SDK for the iPhone and iPod touch. So this is great news if you want to be able to put different apps on to your iPhone. As for the price, people can make free apps and put them up for grabs no problem. If your app has a price, the developer will get 70% of the profit and Apple will get %30. Apple says that their 30 percent will go for the store “upkeep”. All of the developers will get access to all of the iPhones hardware. That includes the camera and all the other hardware. That goes on to another item Apple came out with today.

The AppStore. It will go right on your iPhone or iPod touch, so you can download what apps you want or buy the ones you need. So mabye your asking your self, when can I get this? Well as of right now you are going to have to wait until JUNE. Yes that is not a typo. When I saw this myself I was kind of disapointed but I am sure that it will deffinatly be worth the wait. I just hope that these 3 months will go by very fast.