Call of Duty 4 Review

Call of Duty 4 has been a major hit since its release back in 2007. The Call of Duty franchise has been know for it intense game play and from numbers 1-4 the intensity has gone no where but up. The other major thing Call of Duty is know for is its great online multiplayer game-play. But before the multiplayer I will talk about the single player campaign.
CoD4 has a great story line combining the British SAS and the American Marine Corps. In the British side you are a Private named “Soap” MacTavish. Your leader, which you might remember from CoD2, is Captain Price(and yes he still has the mustache). On the American side you are Sergent Paul Jackson. The campaign combines everything you love about the old Call of Duty games and also adds some new things you have never seen before. Some things I thought were really cool was the sniper levels. You are dressed up in a Gillie suit and you have to evade the enemy patrols to get to a hotel where you can take out the target. When you get to the hotel you go up the top floor and use a Barrett 50. Caliber Sniper Rifle. It was difficult because you have to judge the wind to curve the bullet. Another mission that was cool was the “Death from Above” mission. This mission wasn’t very exciting but was a new feature I have never seen before. Also you get to shoot different types of rocket launchers like the Stinger or, from the show Future Weapons, the Javelin. Although the single player is amazing the multiplayer is what makes the game.
In the multiplayer section you can choose from Split Screen or XBox Live. In the split screen section you can battle with your friends with pre made classes or guns. In the XBox Live section you start out as level one. To get up the ranks you need to gain experience. To get experience you can get kills, assists, match bonuses, and by completing challenges. Challenges are in the barracks section. These are things like get 150 kill or head shots with one weapon or doing things like sprint 28 miles. These things will give you XP and other things like camo and attachments for you guns. When you get to level 3 you will unlock the Create a Class feature. In create a class you get to choose you primary weapon, side arm, special grenade(stun, flash, & smoke), and you different perks. You can choose three different perks to have per class. Some of the perks you can choose are Stopping Power(higher bullet damage), Overkill(2 primary weapons), Bandolier(extra ammo), and Juggernaut(extra health). As you move up the ranks you unlock new weapons, pistols, and perks. The new weapons will have better damage, accuracy, and mobility. When you get up to level 55 which is the highest level you can choose to go into prestige mode. This mode starts you all over again. You will loose all of your guns, perks, and attachments. Doing this will give you a new symbol for your rank. The highest you can go is up to 10 prestige.
The only thing I think they could do is making a create a class in split screen with everything unlocked. Then you could make your own style of play with your friends. All in all Call of Duty 4 is a great and has definitely earned a place in my favorite games of all time. I highly recommend getting this game.