3 Applications I would love to see with the SDK of the iPhone

Here is a list of five apps I would like to see come out with the SDK. I think these apps would be very helpful to some people. Feel free to post your own list in the comments below.

Twitter or Twitterific

All of you probably know that I use Twitter quite a lot. I think that this would be a big help to all of the Twitter users that have an iPhone because Twitter on the iPhone in standard mode is a bit laggy.

Ustream.tv App

I think this is one of my best ideas. Ustream.tv is a website were people can put up live feeds or recorded episodes for everyone to see on the internet. For this app I think you should be able to look though all of your shows and pick one, then see a live feed of the show. I am not sure if the iPhone has a good enough internet connection to see this without lagging really bad or not having the show. Two shows that I watch almost every day are The Chris Pirillo Show and The Tech Buzz. They are both great and talk about some interesting topics.


Facebook already has a great web app but I think they could make it even better if they include some new things to support such as groups and things like that.

Again feel free to post your list in the comments.