The Story of My Almost Dead PSP

This is the story of my PSP which is almost dead. It is having a lot of trouble.

On December 25th 2006, I got my very first Playstation Portable. I was very excited that day because it was probably the best present I have ever gotten at the time. One of the things that I was most excited about was wireless internet on it. This was the first game system I had ever had that I could connect to the internet on (now I have a Xbox 360). So that day I was very excitied.

In the following months to a year, the PSP was working perfectly. But I did have one problem with the device, it started showing error messages that it couldn’t read the disk.

The past cople of months is when I really started having problems with my PSP. The first thing that went wrong was the games started to not load at all. The second problem that was happening was that during a game it would just freeze. Completely freeze you can’t move anything and it is completely on lockdown. The last problem I am having is that it’s WiFi connectivity is terrible. I can’t even get on to the internet for some games and even the web browser is really messed up.

I’m not sure why all these problems have been occurring but the next thing I buy will not be a PSP.