Why don’t all hotels have Free WiFi?


One of the biggest questions I ask myself for choosing a hotel for a weekend is “Do they have FREE WiFi?”. Most of the time when I go to a hotel that says they have WiFi, it ends up costing $10 a day. At this point it is so annoying for me because a hotel that could give out WiFi for free just wants to get money and they know that most business men will spend that money just so they can get on the internet for a few hours here and there.

In my opion this is one of the biggest scams going at hotels because they know that if you have a computer you will probably pay that $10 a day. But, I was very happy when I walked into my hotel lobby (that I went to last weekend) and checked my iPod touch and I did have free WiFi! That pretty much made my weekend. The WiFi in our room wasn’t the greatest but I went down to the lobby when I really needed some fast internet.

So, what do you think about this?