Red Ring of Death Epedemic!


The Xbox 360 has become one of the greatest game consoles on the market. With its great games like Halo 3, great graphics, and remarkable online play the 360 has been shipped to 36 different countries so far. The one things that gamers have been complaining about is the Red Ring of Death. The picture above shows you what your Xbox looks like when you get it. There is an estimated 30% of all Xboxs that have the RROD.

There are a couple of ways you can get the RROD. One is just playtime, you should not play your 360 for more than 6-8 hours in one sitting. This will cause your Xbox to overheat and will probably give you the RROD. The next reason for getting this is space, you need to give you Xbox space so the hot air doesn’t circulate back in to the 360. Last you may just have bad luck, some people just get a bad Xbox right out of the box. My friend recently got the RROD, We where at his house for a sleep over for his B-Day. We where play the Xbox for the whole night(until it broke at least). As we where playing the game just froze, we then turned it off and went to bed. In the morning we went to turn it on and then the ring popped up. My friend had a warranty on it so he went and got a new one the same day. As you can see his 360 got the RROD by overheating.

 If your 360 does get this there are a couple ways to try and fix it. One, you can try to take out the cords and hard drive and put them back in. Second, you can do what this person did below. He wraps in towels, check it out!

Last you can take send it back to the Xbox Support Center. They will either fix the Xbox you send or they will send you a brand new one. There are some good ways to prevent your 360 from even getting the RROD. One is getting a fan to put behind it, you can also buy and inter-cooler which is made to attach to the Xbox and cool it down. You should also always have you Xbox in the horizontal position. I you have it in the vertical position the disc could fall from the tray and break you Xbox completely. The best way to protect you Xbox is to get a warranty for it. These can cost about $30 for one year depending on how much years you get.