WordPress vs. Blogger

The top two bloging networks in the world are probably WordPress and Blogger. They both are very popular and have many pros and cons. That’s what I would like to talk about now. What makes one better than the other.


WordPress is very popular for the more experienced bloggers because it has some more advanced features than Blogger. The first great feature that I noticed about WordPress is that they have built in stats right into the interface. They have a line graph that makes it very easy to read a see how many viewers you are getting in days, weeks, or months. It also tells you who referrers you. The second feature that WordPress has that Blogger doesn’t is Categories. It makes it easy to have the different categories on the side of your page so viewers can navigate though so they can read what they want to.


Blogger is usally the bloging network for more of beginer bloggers. Blogger also has many unique features the best is their widget “costomization” feature. Blogger has a very easy way of dragging and dropping all of the different widgets that you can have. One of Bloggers great widgets is Adsense. Since Google bought Blogger they incorperated in there way of making money for bloggers, Adsense. It is very easy to add Adsense to your blog, all you have to do is customize the ad and drag and drop it to where you want it to be. Another cool widget that you can add are polls. It is kind of neat to see what allo of your viewers think about a certain topic. The last thing that makes Blogger really cool is that they let you make your own template and put it into your blog. With wordpress you can do this but it costs money, $15.

Both of these bloging networks are very good, and have their pros and cons. For most people Blogger is for newer people and WordPress is for more mature bloggers.