Two Apps added to my SDK wishes

I was thinking about my post that I did a while ago and I have two more to add.


I think Flickr could do a very good job in making an app for the iPhone and iPod touch. I think they could make it very easy to upload and tag your pictures right from your iPhone or iPod touch. I think they could even do some great things with the multi-touch interface.


As most of you have seen there are a lot of great games that people have developed for the iPhone and iPod touch most are using the accelerometer. If they arn’t using that they are using the multi-touch interface. One of the best games I saw while watching the SDK video was Touch Fighter. Touch Fighter was a game created by Apple, and uses the accelerometer very well. Apple shows it off in there video, and they made the whole game in just two weeks! I was very impressed and can’t wait to see what all the other developers can come up with.

I think that Apple will do a great job with everything relating to the SDK. I just can’t wait till June, I’m now glad that I didn’t jailbreak my iPod touch.