SwitchEasy Capsule

When trying to find a case for the iPhone you are faced with a few problems. First, the iPhone is so damn sexy that you literally feel bad for wanting to cover it up, the chrome, the aluminum, the beautiful screen, and it just feels good naked in your hand. Second, it has a little “i’ in front of the name so good cases are a premium and you have to read reviews and then be prepared to spend about $30-40 a pop at finding the one that is right for you. And third, it really is that sexy.

I’ve tried a few cases and normally just go back to the naked phone in my trusty Timbuk2 cell phone case in my pocket or on my messenger bag but in the past I have tried the Incase rubber one, the iSkin Revo and I recently received the topic of this review the SwitchEasy Capsule.

I ordered the Capsule on March 16th and it was delivered on March 21st, not bad since it shipped from California and I am in New England. The price was $29.99 + $3.00 shipping, once again not bad, especially since it arrived 5 days after I ordered it.

Included in the package:
the case
three screen protectors
six little adhesive disk
a universal headphone adapter
a universal iPod dock adapter
a dock port cover

The case feels pretty solid and provides a nice textured feel, it adds a little bulk to the phone but it isn’t overly bulky. The case is actually two parts and the phone slides in and then your slide the back on and it “clicks” into place. After I ordered the case I came across a couple of reports that said the locking mechanism had broken on their particular cases, not exactly what you want to read after you’ve spent the money but I thought I’d still give it a try.

The three screen protectors (two black and a red) sounds great but this is the true weak-point of this case. The are non-adhesive protectors which actually means they are meant to fit on the inside of the case and “sit” on top of the iPhones screen. You must remove all marks, grease, fingerprints, etc from the screen and then when you slide the phone in it lays on the screen. I decided to go with the red protector and found that when I put everything together I had a pillow of air between the phone and the protectors, this was remedied (for the most part) by taking out the protectors and trimming a little off the sides, it is covered so your trimming straightness won’t be seen by anyone but you. The protectors don’t feel as good as the glass screen nor do the feel as good as the power support anti-glare film I have had on since day one. It is nice that they have included three protectors that were cut to the iPhone screen and included an adhesive back like the Power Support protectors. Another little oddity is that the home button is covered with these prtectors and you have to place a couple of little adhesive disk on the home button so you can use it, this is where it would have been more beneficial to have a custom cut protector with the home button cut-out instead of covered.

The headphone adapter is actually a nice little extra inclusion that isn’t needed for this case since it doesn’t impeed on any headphones that work with the iPhone but allow you to use your favorite non-iPhone headphones.

The universal dock adapter is another nice to have thing, if you have a universal dock, since this case unlike some other models won’t allow it to be docked in the stock dock, but in order to use it you either need to have a universal type dock that accepts adapters or you need to buy one.


  • nice textured feel
  • feels solidly built
  • includes three screen protectors
  • has a locking mechanism
  • saves you $10 by including a headphone adapter (assuming you haven’t bought one already)
  • changes the way the phone looks
  • offered in a few different color choices
  • price ($29.99 + $3.00 shipping is a bargain in “i” world)
  • access to all buttons and switches


  • screen protectors
  • – non-adhesive
  • – have a pillow effect that takes some getting used to
  • – require slight modification
  • adds bulk
  • the dock port cover fits pretty loosely

The bottom line is that it is a nice case that provides adequate protection and it even changes the look of the iPhone but as with any case it isn’t as nice as what Apple designed and cases are very much a personal choice.

Review by cyclingplatypus