Review of Twhirl

 abac_logo.gifIf you use twitter you know that sometimes it is annoying when you always have to keep on bringing up their website to post something. Now with Twhirl you don’t have to do that. Twhirl is a free Twitter client that lets you do everything that you do with the normal It also makes it very easy to post things and reply to people.Twhirl lets you do everything that you would normaly do with Twitter. You can reply to people, send direct messages, delete posts, and mark tweets as your favorite.There are also other things that Twhirl has combined with twitter to make your experience with Twhirl even better. The first improvement that they made was making it very easy to shorten urls. As you probably know you are only allowed to put in 160 characters in one update. So you need to make the url shorter if you want to share it with your friends. With Twhirl you can choose either Snurl or second improvement that they made was making it easy to post pictures on Twitter through TwitPic. TwitPic is a website that lets you upload photo’s to share them with your friends on Twitter. I have posted a couple of pictures using TwitPic through Twhirl and it works very nicely.Twhirl also notices you if you have a twitter that just came in so you are always up to date. You can also set the time span between when it checks for new twits. Thwirl also has different color schemes so you can make it look how ever you want. There are also a couple of other little things that this application does. One is that it uses a thing called TweetScan. In this you can search the public timeline to see if anyone posted about a topic that you are interested in. I have used this and it works great. Twhirl is also compatible with many operating systems. They are 2000, XP, and Vista for Windows, and also Mac OS X. The last great thing that Twhirl does is it can combine more than one Twitter account. This is defiantly useful so you don’t have to keep on going back and forth between Twitter accounts.To get Twhirl you can go to this link, and download it. I suggest that everyone tries it because it is a great application.