Xbox 360 Nyko Intercooler

As everyone with an Xbox knows the red ring of death is going around them very fast and killing everything in it’s path. We have also posted about the red ring of death a couple of days ago and talked about some ways that you might be able to protect you from that. Now we would like to add one more to the list. This is called the Xbox 360 Nyko Intercooler. It’s job is to cool down your Xbox even if you play it a lot. I just bought it recently and it is doing an amazing job and keeping my Xbox cooled. Usually I could feel how hot it is but now it is easily 10 to 15 degrees colder, which is great to keep it running perfectly.

The Intercooler also fits on the Xbox so if you have a wireless adapter it won’t interfere with it. In the back of the intercooler it has a plug so the power cord can fit right in. To the right of the power plug it has a button that lets you easily detach the intercooler if you need to transport it for travel.


Now the question is how much does it cost. For a device like this I was very surprised to see the price tag, and this was in a good way. I bought this intercooler at Game Stop for $20. A remarkable price for something that might save you from the ring of death. I would defiantly suggest everyone to go and get one of these intercoolers.