Hopes for Guild Wars 2

gw2logo4.jpg  The Guild Wars games have become a huge success since the Prophecies was released back in 2005. The many campaigns and most recent expansion (Eye of the North) has given GW the ability to say they have over 5 Million active players right now and still growing. The reason for this success has a lot to do with the game’s no monthly fee. It is also because of their releases of new games very fast. This will all ways give the gamers something to look forward to, but NCSoft and Arenanet have announced that the Guild Wars games are over and they are now working on a completely new game called Guild Wars 2. This will offer at least 4 new races, these races are the Sylvari, Asuras, Norn, and the Charr. I don’t know if the races in GW 1 will still be playable or will be eliminated. The one things probably most GW players are hoping for is not just an expansion that is the same game with just a little tweaks. They want a completely new game that includes all of the old things but adds new things to the game that make the experience much different than that of the old games. I am expecting a great game to be created and there are some things that I am hoping they put in the game that wasn’t in GW1. The first thing I want to see is adding a jump feature to the game. This would be a great thing to add to the game. Second is adding a larger skill bar. This would be very beneficial to the gamers because you would be able to have many different types of skills equipped at all times, and if you are like me you have tons of skill that just sit there because there isn’t enough space on the bar. Lastly, I would like to see a great improvement on the capacity in the storage. The storage now can only hold I think 30 items. This is not enough because you storage is use for all the characters you have created. This is hard to manage and you will end up tossing things that you want to keep because of the lack of space. With these simple add ons and improvement I think the game will be a lot better. I have Guild Wars Prophecies so if you want to see me in the game my three characters are Znerf Argon, Illuvatar Argon, and Melkor Argon. You can just send me a friend request and we can go questing or just talk about the game.