Assassin’s Creed Review


Assassin’s Creed as been a great hit with console gamers and now just recently on PC as well. The game starts out as you being a guy named Desmond. You were kidnapped and taken to a high tech facility. You are being put on a machine called an Animus. The animus is a machine that lets you recall the memories of your ancestors. In this case Desmond is the ancestor of Altair. Altair was an assassin during the crusades. He is a member of the Assassin’s Creed which is where the game’s name comes from. So you are in the animus and they first put you through a tutorial so you learn how to play the game. After the tutorial you are put right in to the game. Altair is supposed to get a treasure in some caves. In doing so he disobeys 3 of Assassin’s Creed’s rules. When they find the treasure they are caught, Altair and one other escape but one is killed. After the the master learns about the rules he broke Altiar is demoted. You lose all of your weapons and special abilities.

So the objective of the game is to move up the ranks again and keep a war from being started. You will travel to a number of different cities like Damascus and Jerusalem. Here you will do things like pick pocketing, eavesdropping, interrogations, save the citizens, and finally assassinations. When ever you do the assassinations you move further into the story. You open up new parts of cities and other things. When you complete objective your memory bar (in the top left) gets larger. The memory bar is basically your health bar. 

The fighting parts are definitely the parts that make the game fun to play. When your social icon turns red then you can hit the LT button (Xbox 360) and go into fight mode. It this mode you can hold in RT to block the attacks and press B at the right time to counter the attack. The counters can be anything from just throwing your opponent to the ground to stabbing them in the foot and swiping your sword up to thier head. Another feature that I thought was very cool was the ability to climb very tall building and dive off of them into carts or hay. Although this is very unrealistic it is still fun to jump of of huge buildings for fun. The coolest feature I think is the hidden blade that Altair has on this left forearm. This is your assassination tool. You can use this to sneak up on guards or if you want to civilians. But I don’t recommend doing this because you will fail if you kill to many of them.

This is a great game for anyone who likes games with a lot of killing in stealth or in public. This is also good for people who like the times of the crusades. The graphics of the cities are very good and it feels like you are actually there. I am giving this game a 5/5.