Last week I stumbled upon a beta of misu (Mi iPod es Su iPod), I thought seemed pretty cool and useful and a week later it has reached version 1.0 and is available to the general public for $19. 

What misu does is trips the light fantastic realm of music sharing, with a twist.  Say you are listening to your friends music on his or her iPod and you discover that your friend has some great music and you’d like to enjoy it on your iPod.  Fire up your Mac, attach both of your iPods, and start misu.  What misu does is it transfers music to your iPod from your friends (or vice versa).

You can install it on your iPod so if you are at your Mac having friends house you can launch it right from your iPod.

Are there other products out that will copy music off an iPod?

Sure, if you are near a Mac and have two iPod cables handy…but then again you could always use one of the numerous free utilities to remove the music.

Worth $19?
This is where I have a problem, I received a free copy for beta testing and sending some feedback but the fact that it cost $19 for being a one trick pony is kind of tough to swallow and to recommend to others.

Does it remove DRM? 

Is it borderline illegal?
I’m not an attorney, but I think that one could possibly say that sharing your music this way (with a friend) is fair use, no different than making a mix tape (that’s what we made before CD’s came out kids) but the media sharing world is a slippery slope.

Bottom line is that misu has a great interface and if you own a Mac and have friends who carry there USB cables with them everywhere they go (or you have a spare set) then it does what it advertises.  I’d like to see a bit more versatility for example, the ability to remove single songs or a playlist for that matter and not only to another iPod, perhaps to my hard drive instead. 

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