Apple is #1 music retailer


 Well most of you have already hear but we will post about it too. Apple has now passed Walmart (who was number one) for the first time in Apple’s history. So as of now the standings for the number one music retailer is 1. Apple, 2. Walmart, 3. Bestbuy.

So, why is Apple in first place and why do people perfer Apple or iTunes over Walmart.  I think that it is very simple. People want to have a lot of convenience when I comes to buying little things like music. I would never go out to the store and buy a CD, for two reasons. One, they take up space and you have to lug them around with you. Two, I don’t want to go to the store, come home, and install them on iTunes. It is just a waste of time, and most of the time the CD’s cost much more than a digital copy.

Congratulations to Apple on being the number one music retailer in the US.