Hopes and Dreams for a new Mac Mini

As some of you might know, I don’t have a Mac, but I would really love to have one. So I was looking at the best Mac for “switchers”, the Mac Mini. Although the Mac Mini has had some rumors that Apple was going to announce the death of it soon, new rumors are saying that it will be resurrected. Some people are predicting that we will have a newe iMac and Mac Mini within the next couple of weeks! I think that Apple would never stop shipping the Mac Mini for two reasons. One, it is a great entry level Mac. I think it could be even better with a couple of improvements (which I will get to later). Two, it is a great computer for the people like me, who don’t have all the money in the world and won’t need it for amazing games or heavy DVD burning.

The Mac Mini right now is a solid little machine, but there are a few things that I would love to see Apple do to it so they can maximize it’s potential. The first thing that I would want to see Apple do is knock off 100 dollars from the computer. Before everyone starts getting mad and saying there is no way that they would do this just listen. Most entry level computers now you can pick up for a lot less than $600, and they sometimes come with a half way decent monitor and a mouse or keyboard. I think that it would be really cool to be able to buy a display with your Mac Mini for a discounted price. Just like when you buy .Mac with the computer. Another thing that I would like Apple to do with the Mini is upgrade the graphics card. A GMA 950 graphics card isn’t that good. I would love to see Apple put a nice one in there so it could run some half way decent games. And if you are saying that they wouldn’t do that because it would be to close to the iMac, no it wouldn’t because the rumors are saying that the Mac Mini and iMac would be updated at the same time.

The Specs that I would like to see are as follows:

-The Lower end Mac Mini

  • 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 1GB RAM standard
  • 100GB Hard Drive

-The Higher end Mac Mini

  • 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
  • 2GB RAM standard
  • 120GB Hard Drive

If I see a Mac Mini that is like these I will be the first in line to get one.