Technology in Schools

Well I don’t know about you but in my school we never seem to have up to date computers, software, or other technologic devices. This really bugs me because they are teaching us things about the software that is old and out of date. This is most visible in the computers and the programs they teach. One example is my Visual Basic teacher is using VB 2003, it is now 2008. He says that he is only allowed update his software every 10 years. Also his computer always dies on him so he has to take it to the repair shop to get it fixed. Last time his computer was out for about 2 weeks. Well that is it for the negative things because there are some positive things as well. For example my science teacher just got this new thing called a smart board. It is really cool because instead of having to have his computer up at the front for power points he can just turn on the projector and the computer will send a signal to it to have the presentation be displayed. He can then use a smart pen to just tap the board to go to the next slide. Some other features with this object is he can draw and type while he is doing to power point. So if he wants to give us an illustration he can just draw it. That is really the only thing that is something that I would consider technologically advanced. If you have anything that your school has or you wish it had post it in the comments section.

This is a SmartBoard

This is a SmartBoard, as you can see it is very easy to use because this little girl is using it.