Games for Windows Stops the Magazine!

I am sure all of you have heard about the Games for Windows magazine and some of you probably have it yourself and you might have some of the games they make like Age of Empires 3. It is a great magazine and has tons of subscribers. Despite all its success the magazine has announced that it is going to close up the shop. GFW is going to stop its printed magazine and go to just being an online source. The source will located at

Jason Young, CEO of Ziff Davis Media and parent of the 1up network says, “PC gamers and marketers have made the online space their home. There are 10 million World of Warcraft subscribers, 15 million Steam users, and when online and digital distribution is taken into account, DFC Intelligence reported that people spent more money on PC games than on any other platform last year.” “It’s a natural move for us to refocus our resources and talent to the online space, in order to reach the PC gaming community where it truly lives.” Added Simon Cox, VP of Content for 1UP, “I am very excited to refocus our vision for GFW to online and reinvigorate it with new life. GFW has always been a stellar publication, and it will now be able to grow in more ways than ever before in content and audience. I think GFW fans and 1UP Network users will truly love our enhanced online PC coverage and the features it will now be able to offer them.”

Well there you have it that pretty much sums up why GFW is transfering to an online network rather than printing. Changing to online source does end the longest gaming magazine in print. The magazine formerly know as Computer Gaming World lasted for a total of 27 years. Now that is over. I would just like to thank the GFW magazine for making a great source for PC games, hardware, and software information. Thanks a lot GFW!