Sony Bud Style MDR-ED12LP/SLV Sony Bud Style MDR-ED12LP/SLV

I’ve been through a large number of head and ear/canalphones and I’m pretty picky about sound and the actual way they feel.  Before I go on I’ll qualify my review of these earbuds by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed using a pair of Shure earbuds from spring of last year until early winter and I “upgraded” those to a pair of Ultimate Ears 5pro’s, I loved the Shure buds but the UE never felt as good as I wanted them to inside my ear.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the sound that both of these buds, but the ill fit of the UE’s caused me to get rid of them and once again embark on the journey of buying some lightweight buds.

I have full sized headphones that I enjoy but it is nice when I’m walking my daughter to school through the woods to have something that can fit in my pocket so I don’t wear those.  That brings me back to the topic of this review…the Sony Bud Style MDR-ED12LP/SLV.

First thing, I bought these because I thought they looked nice and the store I went to didn’t have the pair that I originally wanted to buy in stock and I was intrigued about what a nice looking pair of $15 earbuds actually sounded like, normally if it looks good and is inexpensive they spent all of the money on the looks.  So I made my way to the checkout and paid and figured since they said they worked with an iPhone I’d check them out, if they were as awful as I thought they could be I’d be out $15 and I would be able to roll the dice on another pair.

The first thing you notice about them is that they are light, very light, almost too light and the cable is thin, thinner than stock iPod buds.  Well, I almost didn’t even try them on, since up until know even for $15 I was fairly unimpressed, I mean if I didn’t try them on I could technically still return them and not feel bad about it, but I did put them in and fired up the music and I actually had to stop what I was doing and remove them to make sure these were the same buds that I just pulled out of the package…one word, WOW!  The music was full and rich and definitely sounded like it was coming from a much more expensive package.  Now the package states that they are heavy bass and if this is the main reason you are buying these than prepared to be disappointed, rather than being overly bass driven they actually deliver a good quality of bass, but on heavy bass type songs they are pretty unimpressive.  In fact to fully appreciate the quality of sound that these deliver you should listen to something that is less bass and more acoustical (blues, something from Corrine Bailey Rae or fellow Machead John Mayer, or Eric Clapton Unplugged) and smile as you hear a complex sound and realize that you just spent less than $15 on a pair of buds that you won’t cry if something happens to them, in fact at this price you could buy an extra pair for those “just in case” moments.


Thin cord
One size fits all, no customization
Buds may be too big for some ears
Not good in heavy bass situations, even though the package says they are

The bottom line, in my opinion, is that there are worse things you could drop $10-$15 on and not be as happy, if you are still using stock earbuds that came bundled with your media player of choice and would like to enjoy your music more and don’t want to break the bank these would be perfect.  Do I think that these are as good as a high quality pair of ear or canalphones?  No, they aren’t but they are very impressive and when you take into account sound quality and price, these are a very good alternative for those who want a better music experience but don’t want to pay a whole lot.  I’m going to pick up a couple of pairs and give them to friends that are still using the white “mug me” buds that came with their iPods.

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