Too Human Preview

The are a lot of great MMOs and RPGs out there that have captured the love of millions such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, and Lord of the Rings Online. Another type of game that is very popular is the action games. But as anyone ever combined the two types of games? The answer to that now is yes. Too Human is a combination of an RPG and Action.

Too Human will have 5 different classes from which to choose from, they are Berserker, Champion, Defender, Bio-Engineer, and Commando. The Berserker is an all attack class with high melee damage but low armor and HP. The Champion is a well rounded class with middle ranged HP, Armor, Melee Damage and Ballistics. The Defender is the tank of the game. He has the best armor and a lot of HP. The Commando is your nuker who accels in firearms and explosives. Last the Bio-Engineer, he is basically your healer. He uses nano technology to heal and also do combat damage.

The max level cap in Too Human is level 50. As you go through the levels you can get hundreds of thousands of different weapons and armor sets. The story behind Too Human is set back thousands of years ago before the time of Atlantis and before the Ice Ages. This video will give you the whole story.

Well there is the history for Too Human and some of the story line. I am looking forward for this game to come out. The release date has not been told to the public but Silicon Knights has ensured that one has been set. Too Human will becoming out only on the Xbox 360. When the game comes out I am going to try to do a full review of it.