Nike+ for iPhone?

As you probably know, there have been some rumors of the Nike+ features coming to the iPhone. I think that this would be a great move by Apple for two reasons. One, a lot of people will buy it which just means more money for Apple. Two, Apple could realy make an impression on the “workout” community.

Even if only a fraction of Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch users bought this that would be so much money for them. The device it self is $29 and they might charge for it. I would guess around 5 to 10 dollars, but this might only be for the iPod touch, from what we have been recently been seeing.

Another reason why Apple should implement this is to kind of “get their foot in the door” in the workout community. Nike and Apple could do amazing things with their iPods and the connections that Nike has. Also, almost everyone in the United States knows what an iPhone is and this could get them even more publicity and reasons for people to buy it.

I hope that Apple makes the right decision and implements the Nike+ features for the iPhone and iPod touch because I would defiantly buy one. Some other people are saying that it is just a matter of time before they do that, like it will defiantly happen but I wouldn’t count our eggs before they are hatched.