I just don’t get it

I’m sure this is going to get me flamed by some of my more geeky friends and it’ll probably get me labeled even more as a Mac fanboy (there are worse things I could be called) but I just don’t get Linux, I’ve been playing around with a few different distributions and well…I’m not impressed.  In fact, I just don’t get the devotion that Linux people have, every distribution that I played with had one thing in common, they just didn’t feel complete.

The last one (and last one for me for a pretty long while) was ubuntu on its homepage it touts that “You’ll never go back”, it is supposed to be the super easy “every persons” Linux distro.  Apparently I’m just not geeky enough for it because, while I appreciate the fact that it is free and includes many free open-source applications, it just feels empty, uncompleted.

Now, this is coming from a Mac person, so if you’ve never used a Mac you should understand one thing…people are passionate about the Mac for good reason, it works the way a computer should work, you want to uninstall something you drag it to the trash can, sure you can get really geeky with it but it is made not to frustrate the user but to enhance the overall computing experience.  It has a lot of quality free software out for it, Linux has a lot of free software. 

My opinion of Linux is that it is bland, kind of like going fishing, cleaning your catch, and then boiling it…sure it will feed and nourish you but it isn’t something that you are going to get excited about.

I’ve got plenty of friends who enjoy command line and tweaking there own personal Linux distro (something you can’t do with OS X or Windows) and I really wanted to enjoy using Linux, I hoped with all of the different flavors that I’d find one, I even saved ubuntu for last because it predicted that I’d never go back, I mean that is a bold claim, I was nervous about trying to explain to my wife why I turned my beloved Macbook into this lean mean white Linux machine and that scared me…but luckily I didn’t have to do that.  I’ll leave it installed as a virtual machine under VMware in case I get the urge again but I’m thinking it’ll just get deleted in the not to distant future.

Linux people, I salute you, takes a rare breed to enjoy that.  I understand that I’m selling out to the man and that I’ll never “know” the freedom that you enjoy but it is a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

Entry by Chris

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