Why are teachers against Google?

It seems in every single project that I do for my school, the teachers say every time “No using Google!”, this is in school at least. This also is a huge deal to them with Google Images too, because they think that something inappropriate will come up. Now I know that there are things that can come up on your search can be “bad”, but if you take some precautions it can solve the problem sometimes.

Another service that my school teachers are against is Wikipedia. I think their main reasons that they don’t like this site is the fact that almost anyone can get on the pages and edit them. But I don’t think that they check into this at all. 1. The pages are checked sometimes, and 2. Most of the pages have references to ensure that there is valid information. So, I think that all the teachers need to relax about Google and Wikipedia. One thing that they could do is check them to make sure that the information is reliable in head of time then give them to their students later.

There are also other reasons why not using Google can be bad. Google gives me great websites with great information. The other option that the teachers give us is things like nettrekker.com or ebscohost.com. These sites are good but they always seem to lack a lot of good detailed information. Another thing is, they aren’t going to know if you used google or yahoo. They are basically the same exact thing, and usually come up with close to the same results.

So, do you use Google for school projects? What do you think about this?