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  • Bryan 2:34 pm on May 30, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    In Plain English 

    Have you ever wanted one of your friends to join something but they come back with the response of “Why should I?”. I have had this happen a lot, most of the time I am asking people to join Twitter or Facebook. I always like to ask people to join Twitter and Facebook because it is always much more fun with more people.

    So to help show people why you should join these cool services, I have found some really good YouTube videos. The videos are called In Plain English. They have made a great one for Twitter that I am going to show to all of my friends, and hopefully they will join too. They do have a YouTube channel where you can check out all of their videos. Here is one of my personal favorites, Twitter in Plain English.

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    Do you want to learn about Steve Jobs? 

    I just recently bought iCon: Steve Jobs off of Amazon for only a couple of dollars. iCon is a really good book for anyone who wants to know about Steve Jobs and what he did before Apple and Pixar. The book even tells you some very interesting facts about when he was very young and still in school. I have learned many things about Steve through this book and I’m only on the first couple of chapters!

    This book also talks about the other people that made Apple possible. Mainly Steve Wozniak, they talk about him and Steve and how they became friends. Another interesting thing that you find out in this book is Steve’s earlier jobs before he even came close to starting Apple. I thought it was very interesting. I really like this book.

    I would suggest this book to anyone who is interested in Apple as a company. And if you are interested in Steve Jobs and want to know a lot more about his life and how he came to “power” in Apple. Here is the link to Amazon to buy iCon: Steve Jobs.

  • Bryan 3:22 pm on May 23, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Gadgets and Tech on YouTube? 

    I have been thinking about making some YouTube videos. I think that I could make some really good quality videos that could cover all of the things we do on this blog. Things like technology, gaming, gadgets, and computers. This would also give us a chance to make some good hardware reviews.

    Thecreativeone has made some great videos and I would love to do what he does. Chris Pirillo is another guy that talks a lot of tech and he also does a lot of videos on YouTube. So, tell me what you think, should we give this a try and make some videos? I think it would be a lot of fun and it would give us some more publicity. Tell us what you think.

  • Bryan 4:19 pm on May 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Guitar Hero 4- Fall 2008 

    Guitar Hero 4 has been announced, and it will be coming out in Fall of this year! By the looks of the trailer, Guitar Hero 4 will be absolutly amazing. Some of the new features will be…

    • Make your own songs
    • Share the songs you made
    • Very realistic drums
    • Battle other bands
    The new Guitar Hero has very realistic drums. They look kind of like the Rock Band drums but these look more like a real drum set. The Guitar Hero drum set will have two symbols, a bass drum, and three other drums. 
    This should be great for the two games, Rock Band and Guitar Hero because there will be competition. Competition between two companies usually means that the prices will go down. That is what I am hoping for, I would love to buy this new Guitar Hero game. The one thing I really want to know is the price. If the price drops a good amount past Rock Band, I would definitely buy Guitar Hero 4.
    The new “make a song” addition to the game will open up so many opportunities and it will change music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero forever. This will be a great feature and will probably be one of my favorite new features in Guitar Hero.
    The next feature that they are adding is battling other bands. This should be great for any kind of party, and it will have add a whole new level of playing on to the game. The next feature, sharing your own songs will also be a great feature because if you make a song and no one can hear it or play it then what is the point right? I am wondering how they will give other people the songs. They could maybe make a virtual store for each “band” or let them give them out for free. I think that the store idea be realy cool but I’m not sure if a lot of people would pay money just to get home made songs.
    I can’t wait until Guitar Hero 4 comes out, and when it does I would love to buy it. Here is the trailer, it should be a great game.
  • Bryan 2:43 pm on May 20, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Operating System Hate, (Mac Side) 

    Everyone who uses a computer knows that there are two main operating systems, Mac OS X and Windows. The fight between the two has gone on for many years and will continue for a very long time. I have decided to write about the two sides and why they hate each other so much. This post will be based on the Mac side and the next will be the Windows side.

    There are many reasons why Mac (or Apple) users hate Windows users or the operating system in general. The first reason which is also probably the biggest is viruses. Everyone knows that Windows will get more viruses than a Mac will. Windows users sometimes say that the only reason this is true is because Windows has more market share. I do believe this is a good point. But I would have to say that Apple is doing a better job with the viruses than Microsoft is.

    Another reason why Mac users might hate Windows is Vista. Almost everyone in the computer industry knows that Vista was a Microsoft failure. I have a computer running Windows Vista, and I have to say that Vista is remarkably slower than XP was. Because people have been noticing this there have been a huge amount of people that have downgraded to XP. The Apple, Get a Mac ads have also displayed this Vista problem.

    The last reason why I think Mac users hate Windows is Errors. Some of you might have seen the Get a Mac ad when PC has all of the errors on the cart. Well I have used Windows and I have gotten some crazy errors in my Windows days. This is a defiantly a big reason for some people who work in businesses, because they can’t have their computers have a fatal error in the middle of a job. Even normal casual computer users just thing these errors are annoying (I know I do). Even though Windows might have worse errors, Mac OS X has some errors too, so don’t think Mac OS X is the most amazing operating system is the best.

    The Windows side should be out soon.

  • Bryan 6:27 pm on May 7, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    GTA earns huge profit in first week 

    The big new game that just recently came out was Grand Theft Auto 4. The game supposedly sold 3.6 million copies the first day it came out, and 6 million copies in total up to this point. This adds up to $500 Million that Take-Two Interactive has earned. Take-Two Interactive is the publisher of the game and they exceeded their sales expectations for this game.

    So far I have heard that it is a really good game. I haven’t played it but my friend bought it just a couple days after it came out. GTA IV came out for the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 on April 29th. Take-Two Interactive is probably very happy with this gigantic profit in the first week. I personaly am impressed because every other Grand Theft Auto game hasn’t done this well.

  • Bryan 5:51 pm on May 6, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Is Vimeo better than YouTube? 

    After reading an article in the MacWorld magazine titled “Share your videos online”, I thought about what they said about Vimeo. Vimeo seems to be a great place to share your videos with the world, almost if not better than the most popular YouTube. So, lets take a look at what makes the two different.

    One of the things that stands out to me is their maximum file size limit. At YouTube you can only have a file up to 100MB which is approximately 10 minutes of video. For most casual video makers this would be plenty, but if you make a long video such as a podcast that might not be enough. So how much does Vimeo have? Vimeo lets you upload a video as long as you want. Score 1 for Vimeo.

    Another decider that might be big for some people is HD content. Many people now have many HD things…camcorders, cameras, TV’s, etc. YouTube doesn’t allow HD content to be posted and even if it is posted it won’t be shown in HD. Vimeo on the other hand allows HD content to be posted and it looks phenomenal. Score 2 for Vimeo.

    The next one is kind of a given… an embedded video player. Both of them have this feature because they should. There is one more little thing that I noticed, it is that Vimeo’s video player looks really good. When you move your mouse across it there are many options that you can choose, such as putting HD off or on, the embedded code, and a sharing link.

    I personally am starting to ask the question, “Can YouTube keep up with Vimeo?” If you look at all of these cool things that I metioned, there are some really cool things that YouTube should start looking into or it will start to fall behind.

    • Chris 11:47 pm on January 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I prefer Vimeo over YouTube mainly because the interface is better both on the actual site and on embedded videos.

  • Chris 3:19 pm on May 2, 2008 Permalink | Reply  


    I’m a fan of the microblog, I kind of dig it and even though I don’t update as much as I probably could, I do find it a nice distraction and gives you something to do when you are out and about or just bored. I’ve been a twitter user (I’ll use the loosest form of the work user, I don’t update that much) and have wished there was something a bit more “full-featured” (yeah I know it is a microblog, not a real blog) and then I remembered Pownce, Pownce is great because it offers a bit more functionality.

    In this world of blogging and microblogging you might want to check out Pownce sooner rather than later, it is probably only a few weeks of being targeted the way twitter is by spammers.

    I'm on Pownce

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