Is Vimeo better than YouTube?

After reading an article in the MacWorld magazine titled “Share your videos online”, I thought about what they said about Vimeo. Vimeo seems to be a great place to share your videos with the world, almost if not better than the most popular YouTube. So, lets take a look at what makes the two different.

One of the things that stands out to me is their maximum file size limit. At YouTube you can only have a file up to 100MB which is approximately 10 minutes of video. For most casual video makers this would be plenty, but if you make a long video such as a podcast that might not be enough. So how much does Vimeo have? Vimeo lets you upload a video as long as you want. Score 1 for Vimeo.

Another decider that might be big for some people is HD content. Many people now have many HD things…camcorders, cameras, TV’s, etc. YouTube doesn’t allow HD content to be posted and even if it is posted it won’t be shown in HD. Vimeo on the other hand allows HD content to be posted and it looks phenomenal. Score 2 for Vimeo.

The next one is kind of a given… an embedded video player. Both of them have this feature because they should. There is one more little thing that I noticed, it is that Vimeo’s video player looks really good. When you move your mouse across it there are many options that you can choose, such as putting HD off or on, the embedded code, and a sharing link.

I personally am starting to ask the question, “Can YouTube keep up with Vimeo?” If you look at all of these cool things that I metioned, there are some really cool things that YouTube should start looking into or it will start to fall behind.