Guitar Hero 4- Fall 2008

Guitar Hero 4 has been announced, and it will be coming out in Fall of this year! By the looks of the trailer, Guitar Hero 4 will be absolutly amazing. Some of the new features will be…

  • Make your own songs
  • Share the songs you made
  • Very realistic drums
  • Battle other bands
The new Guitar Hero has very realistic drums. They look kind of like the Rock Band drums but these look more like a real drum set. The Guitar Hero drum set will have two symbols, a bass drum, and three other drums. 
This should be great for the two games, Rock Band and Guitar Hero because there will be competition. Competition between two companies usually means that the prices will go down. That is what I am hoping for, I would love to buy this new Guitar Hero game. The one thing I really want to know is the price. If the price drops a good amount past Rock Band, I would definitely buy Guitar Hero 4.
The new “make a song” addition to the game will open up so many opportunities and it will change music games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero forever. This will be a great feature and will probably be one of my favorite new features in Guitar Hero.
The next feature that they are adding is battling other bands. This should be great for any kind of party, and it will have add a whole new level of playing on to the game. The next feature, sharing your own songs will also be a great feature because if you make a song and no one can hear it or play it then what is the point right? I am wondering how they will give other people the songs. They could maybe make a virtual store for each “band” or let them give them out for free. I think that the store idea be realy cool but I’m not sure if a lot of people would pay money just to get home made songs.
I can’t wait until Guitar Hero 4 comes out, and when it does I would love to buy it. Here is the trailer, it should be a great game.