Do you want to learn about Steve Jobs?

I just recently bought iCon: Steve Jobs off of Amazon for only a couple of dollars. iCon is a really good book for anyone who wants to know about Steve Jobs and what he did before Apple and Pixar. The book even tells you some very interesting facts about when he was very young and still in school. I have learned many things about Steve through this book and I’m only on the first couple of chapters!

This book also talks about the other people that made Apple possible. Mainly Steve Wozniak, they talk about him and Steve and how they became friends. Another interesting thing that you find out in this book is Steve’s earlier jobs before he even came close to starting Apple. I thought it was very interesting. I really like this book.

I would suggest this book to anyone who is interested in Apple as a company. And if you are interested in Steve Jobs and want to know a lot more about his life and how he came to “power” in Apple. Here is the link to Amazon to buy iCon: Steve Jobs.