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  • Bryan 10:16 am on June 20, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    Floort- Express your Opinion! 

    Recently I found a great web application for the iPhone and iPod touch, it is called Floort. Floort is a application designed so that people can share their opinions with everyone else that goes on the site. When people go to see your “Floort” they can either say they agree, disagree, or that they are not sure. I have been using Floort for a coulpe of weeks now and I have really enjoyed it.

    But even if you don’t have a iPhone you can still join in on the fun. Just go to Floort.com, sign up, and start telling the world how you feel about the topics that you love. Floort has also been on Apple’s list of staff picks a couple of time.

    I would highly suggest this application! I have had a lot of fun with it in the past few weeks.

  • Chris 9:30 pm on June 17, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Firefox 3.0 

    I’ll be honest, not a huge fan of Firefox, maybe it is the fanboys that try to shove it on everyone they meet, but I’m not a big fan, never have been. I respect what the fine people at Mozilla are doing and I applaud them for offering it for free, I enjoy splinter Mozilla/Firefox projects like Camino and I’m quite impressed with Flock.

    That being said I decided that I’d check out the 3.0 version today and see if I could put their tagline “Can a browser really make the Web better?” to the test. And I’ve got to say, while I still don’t like the Firefox fanboys, I enjoy 3.0. I like the new interface, it seems much speedier than the previous versions and I hope that all of that new goodness trickles down the Flock sooner than later.

    Will I make the switch over to Firefox full time? If I was still a PC user I most definitely would, I’d switch between that and Flock. On the Mac though I’m a big fan of Safari, sure it isn’t as customizable as Firefox but it is fast and I really enjoy using it, I use it 85% of the time, Flock around 10-15% and I’ll occasionally play around with Firefox. I’ve got it set up as my daughters default browser because it is so customizable and they use Linux at school and it is what she is familiar with.

    While I might not have appreciated it fully in the past, my hat goes off to the people at Mozilla for putting out a great product like Firefox 3.0, great update and I’m sure more and more people will download and enjoy it, I’ll continue using my setup when I use the Mac but I’ll definitely use Firefox as my default when I run Windows or use my wife’s laptop. If you haven’t updates or haven’t tried Firefox yet, what are you waiting for?

  • Chris 11:29 am on June 12, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    The dust has settled… 

    Well the WWDC keynote by Steve Jobs was Monday and Apple really shocked quite a few fans, to say that release wise it was a bit of a downer for almost every excited little MacHead would be a pretty big understatement.

    First, the much anticipated iPhone 2.0 firmware was announced and much to everyones surprise was not released that day, instead we will have to wait until the vague day of “early July”, some speculate it could be more late June but official word from the man was early July. Free for iPhone owners, $9.99 for Touch owners who want it.

    Second, the new iPhone or iPhone 2, or iPhone 3G that like the firmware everyone thought would also be released that day was announced and will release July 11th. It was announced with a slightly new design, a different back material, 3G as expected, and assisted GPS (or aGPS), no front mounted camera, no lasers, no 32GB size, but at a lower price, $199/$299 (8GB/16GB), but that was met with the rise in data plan, old plan $20 unlimited data and 200 text messages, new plan $30 unlimited data and no included text messages (as of yet). The data increase wasn’t to be unexpected, but the omission of text messages was and the fact that if you live in a non-3G area (like a good part of the country) you still pay the 3G price. The $199/$299 price was ushered in by the “subsidization” of the phone and the fact that you won’t walk in and walk out and activate at home like the original (what I like to call iPhone Classic) but you will instead activate it at point of purchase with a 2 year contract. This little nugget was not widely accepted by the hacking community.

    The gem of the entire WWDC keynote for me was not the 3G phone, I already knew that 2.0 was coming bringing 3rd party apps, granted I didn’t expect it to be delayed, but was the announcement of MobileMe. I used to have a .mac account, it was nice having that space and the connective service but it really wasn’t $99 worth of nice since you could get nearly everything that .mac offered for free minus the native interaction…but MobileMe kicks that up a notch and just became something that I could see actually paying $99 a year on. The fact that I can update something one place and have it auto update another place is phenomenal, if I go weeks without syncing my phone it isn’t going to be a problem when I don’t have a number or appointment that is sitting in iCal or Address Book…WOW!

    And of course the little Mac that could the mini was once again neglected (not really unexpected).

    For me personally, I’ll keep iPhone Classic and welcome the 2.0 applications and keep the old $20 data plan, but it will cost me a cool $99 for MobileMe. More to come on MobileMe when it releases in, yep you guessed it, early July.

  • Chris 10:56 am on June 4, 2008 Permalink | Reply  

    Just a few more days… 

    Every MacHead in the world is waiting, in just a a few more days the man (you know who I’m talking about) will address the masses, what will be new? What will be updated? Will the Mac mini finally get a little iLove from Apple?

    The only thing that we know for sure is that 3rd party applications will be coming and that the 2.0 firmware will be released. That’s it, well that and the fact that no matter what they release there will be a subset of MacFanBoys that will complain that the new 3G iPhone with GPS and full frontal video camera still won’t do MMS.

    To be honest, I’m excited, but I’m not excited about rushing out and buying a new phone (not saying that I wont, just saying not planning on it), I’m excited about the 2.0 update and finally being able to expand the uses of my phone with 3rd party apps without fear of bricking it or ticking off my at&t overlords.

    I don’t even have any applications that I’m overly looking forward to, I’m excited about the possibilities and the fact that I’ll finally be able to play games on this mini marvel that resides in my pocket.

    I’m happy with my little iWorld as it is, like I said, I’m really hoping that the mini isn’t to far off with an update, but I’m not expecting it at WWDC next week.

    Many are hoping for 3G, GPS, video chatting, 3rd party apps, 16 & 32GB, subsidized iPhones, newly redesigned MacBooks, word about 10.6.

    No matter what Mr. Jobs announces, you will see people that are elated on Mac forums and you’ll see many people complaining that it wasn’t enough…me, I’m just happy to get third party apps anything else will be a bonus.

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