Just a few more days…

Every MacHead in the world is waiting, in just a a few more days the man (you know who I’m talking about) will address the masses, what will be new? What will be updated? Will the Mac mini finally get a little iLove from Apple?

The only thing that we know for sure is that 3rd party applications will be coming and that the 2.0 firmware will be released. That’s it, well that and the fact that no matter what they release there will be a subset of MacFanBoys that will complain that the new 3G iPhone with GPS and full frontal video camera still won’t do MMS.

To be honest, I’m excited, but I’m not excited about rushing out and buying a new phone (not saying that I wont, just saying not planning on it), I’m excited about the 2.0 update and finally being able to expand the uses of my phone with 3rd party apps without fear of bricking it or ticking off my at&t overlords.

I don’t even have any applications that I’m overly looking forward to, I’m excited about the possibilities and the fact that I’ll finally be able to play games on this mini marvel that resides in my pocket.

I’m happy with my little iWorld as it is, like I said, I’m really hoping that the mini isn’t to far off with an update, but I’m not expecting it at WWDC next week.

Many are hoping for 3G, GPS, video chatting, 3rd party apps, 16 & 32GB, subsidized iPhones, newly redesigned MacBooks, word about 10.6.

No matter what Mr. Jobs announces, you will see people that are elated on Mac forums and you’ll see many people complaining that it wasn’t enough…me, I’m just happy to get third party apps anything else will be a bonus.