Firefox 3.0

I’ll be honest, not a huge fan of Firefox, maybe it is the fanboys that try to shove it on everyone they meet, but I’m not a big fan, never have been. I respect what the fine people at Mozilla are doing and I applaud them for offering it for free, I enjoy splinter Mozilla/Firefox projects like Camino and I’m quite impressed with Flock.

That being said I decided that I’d check out the 3.0 version today and see if I could put their tagline “Can a browser really make the Web better?” to the test. And I’ve got to say, while I still don’t like the Firefox fanboys, I enjoy 3.0. I like the new interface, it seems much speedier than the previous versions and I hope that all of that new goodness trickles down the Flock sooner than later.

Will I make the switch over to Firefox full time? If I was still a PC user I most definitely would, I’d switch between that and Flock. On the Mac though I’m a big fan of Safari, sure it isn’t as customizable as Firefox but it is fast and I really enjoy using it, I use it 85% of the time, Flock around 10-15% and I’ll occasionally play around with Firefox. I’ve got it set up as my daughters default browser because it is so customizable and they use Linux at school and it is what she is familiar with.

While I might not have appreciated it fully in the past, my hat goes off to the people at Mozilla for putting out a great product like Firefox 3.0, great update and I’m sure more and more people will download and enjoy it, I’ll continue using my setup when I use the Mac but I’ll definitely use Firefox as my default when I run Windows or use my wife’s laptop. If you haven’t updates or haven’t tried Firefox yet, what are you waiting for?