iPhone 2.0 and App Store

I woke up this morning to quite a surprise. The past few days I have been obsessively checking the App Store on my iPhone 2.0 software beta, and I have been constantly greeted by “The App Store is not supported in your country”, but today was different. I was half asleep on the couch and I saw none other than the app store, ALIVE!!! At first I thought it was a dream, so I downloaded a couple apps and realized that I was, infact, not dreaming. 

So after recovering from my initial shock, I checked MacRumors to see the scoop, apparently Apple had released iTunes 7.7 while I was in slumber and launched the app store along with it (though not officially). I can proudly say I was the 7th person to download the iPhone AIM client (as of this writing there are over 43000 downloads).

Well now the App store is officially launched, and the final 2.0 software is available for those who dare, so let’s see what we’ve got. I love free software, so I’ll review some of the free apps that I’ve had the pleasure of playing with today (all links go to the App Store):

Twitteriffic: There are two versions of Twitteriffic on the App Store, a free version and a “premium” version. From what I can tell they’re pretty much the same except that the free version has ads. Anyway, it’s a Twitter client for the iPhone, great for Twittering on the go. 

Zenbe Lists: A great to do list app. It’s very simple, like any to do list should be. Manage multiple lists, check off stuff with a tap, and sync with the Zenbe online to do list service.

AIM: Does exactly what you’d think it would, lets you send and receive IMs using your AIM, .Mac, or MobileMe screen name. If you have multiple conversations, don’t worry, you can just swipe between them.

Remote: This little app from Apple is a really cool way to control iTunes or your AppleTV. The interface is setup just like the iPod app that’s included on the iPhone, and it works great with AirTunes.

Rotary Dialer: A fun little app if you want to dial someone’s number old school style. Totally pointless, but totally retro. 

That is but a taste of the App Store, there are many more apps currently available, and there are many more to come, prices varying from free to “oh hell no”.