Halo Wars Preview


Bungie’s Halo franchise has been a huge hit on the Xbox and the Xbox 360. The shooter has sold millions of copies and has captured the fingers and thumbs of almost every Xbox 360 gamer. Now Bungie has set their minds on a new type of game. An RTS. I love Halo 3 but I never thought that Halo would turn into an RTS/Strategy game. 

Even though I never thought this would happen doesn’t mean that it won’t be a good game. The game will take you 20 years before the Halo 1 but you will still be fighting the Covenant aliens. In order to supply your army there will be no villagers like in Age of Empires or Farms like in Battle for Middle Earth. Instead Bungie approached this for more like modern times. You will have to wait for you supply drive to come in. So in order to get more supplies you must stay in the game long enough. You also must command you troops more interactively. As an example you have to tell you troops when to take cover, when to fire, and when to do everything.

The A button is the basis for the game. If you move the cursor over a unit and press A that unit will be selected. If you double press A then you select every one of those units on the battle field. Lastly if you press and hold A you can do a ‘click and drag’ to select all the units in the box. The game will feature a circle menu that come up when you click a building or a unit. The game is focused strongly on combat but you can use the D pad to jump back to your base for a quick defense build up.

This game looks very promising and i will hope to have a full review of the game when it comes out on October 1, 2008