I’m not sure if the Windows or Linux World has an equivalent to Fluid but if you use web apps and have a Mac you owe it to yourself to download this free application, it quickly became an essential application for me.

Fluid is a site specific browser, what that means is you type in the address of a site, name it, click create and then you have a standalone browser that takes you directly to that site. Essentially what it does is it takes your web destination and makes it appear as if it is an application.

The possibilities are endless for this really, it is great for MobileMe as I have it pictured here, web based email clients, social apps, favorite sites, the possibilities are truly endless.

I originally downloaded this on the advice of a friend and as I played with it I thought “well this is nice, simple and nice but not really that practical”, I’m happy to say that I was wrong, while this most likely won’t be a day to day use application it is one of those apps that you’ll be glad you have when you need it.