I have the PSP-2000 and the PSP-1000, and soon Sony will be releasing the PSP 2. I thought I should share my opioion about the up and coming PSP 2 and what I think it should have in it.

One feature that I think the PSP needs is Bluetooth. Bluetooth would greatly increase the value of the PSP and would give it options that the other PSPs didn’t have. Such as connecting it to a headset microphone for online play.

I also think that the new PSP should have, a second joystick. This is a feature that I really wanted in the very first PSP but it was never put in. This would be great for many genres of games such as first-person shooters. So Sony, please put in a second joystick.

The third thing that I think should be put on the new PSP is a built in mic. This would be great for playing games online, and numorous other things.

There are many mock up pictures of what people think the new PSP will look like. All you have to do is google PSP 2 on an image search, there are tons if results. Personally I don’t see anything wrong with the current design. If corse they are going to change it a little bit but I really don’t see them changing to general design.

So now the question is all about the release date. I think that the PSP 2 will be ready by Christmas in 2009. And I also hope that they keep the same prices.

If you have any comments let me know. You can email me at or you can just leave a comment.