At first glance you might ask yourself “What in the world is a Glubble?” What an odd name and it doesn’t convey what it actually is through the name at all, you’d think that it would be some sort of glass bubble company, but Glubble is something that we’ve been using it for a couple of months and it does exactly what I wanted it to and best of all it was free.

Glubble is an Add-On for Firefox and if you have children in your house you can’t afford not to have Glubble. What Glubble does is takes Firefox and turns it into a child safe browser that you (the parent) choose and decide which site your little web surfer will be able to get to.

One the child’s side they are met with a very simple browser interface that allows them to click on pictures of the sites that have been approved and should they want to venture off to a site that isn’t approved they are met with a prompt that tells them they can’t get to that site but they can submit it to the parents account for approval. It is as simple as that, clean, simple, kid friendly interface.

On the parents side is where you will be impressed, the password protected clean interface allows you to visit and approve or decline pending sites, write notes to your child, and also use the browser in the unlocked mode.

The only negative thing that I can say about it isn’t Glubble’s fault at all, if you approve a site and then the site changes anything and changes the link in any way your child has to resubmit for approval, I’ve only noticed this being a problem with the Disney Channel related sites.

All in all, this is one of the greatest plugins available for Firefox and set up inside of a limited user account is a great tool for parents who want to ensure that their little ones aren’t venturing off into sites where they shouldn’t be.