I’ve been playing around with Evernote for a couple of months and up until recently I’ve just poked at it, prodded it a bit but didn’t really think I’d use it that much.

From their website:
Evernote allows you to easily capture information in any environment using whatever device or platform you find most convenient, and makes this information accessible and searchable at any time, from anywhere.

Evernote is great because it has native clients for Mac, Windows, Linux, Windows Mobile, and the iPhone. No matter where you are you can have access to all of your notes and with a native application you don’t need to be online in order to use it but it will still sync it when you are connected so your notes will be available other places, other computers, online, on your phone.

The Good:

  • Instant access to your notes if you’ve got some sort of data access.
  • Nice looking fairly robust interface on all of the native apps.
  • Simple to use.

The Bad:

  • No native Palm app, seems like a huge oversight in my opinion but it means people like my wife have to use the mobile web app.
  • The mobile web app is quite unimpressive.
  • You have to convince your IT people to let you install the native application.

If you work from home sometimes and have to email yourself reminders at the other place or have a phone that doesn’t allow syncing of notes (yeah, I’m looking at you iPhone) than Evernote can be an invaluable tool. I like it because it is a multi-use tool, you could send notes from your phone to yourself and set it up on different devices and computers and have it as a central family or workplace bulletin board for different users under one account.