Review of AX Micro bluetooth headset

I recently received a really nice bluetooth headset from Megan Saulsbury. Before I start the review, I would just like to thank her for letting me review this product. The AX Micro is made by Tritton Technologies. Tritton also makes many other cool gadgets which you can see on their website.

In the box of the AX Micro it has the headset, it has the bluetooth, a very convenient charger, two different sized rubber pieces that you can put on the bluetooth if you ears are bigger or smaller, and the instruction manual. This bluetooth comes with a very nice dock, that makes it very easy to charge. Plus, this bluetooth only takes around 2 hours to charge completely which is great for a bluetooth of this size.

The AX Micro is a very small and affordable bluetooth headset. On the AX Micro there are only 3 buttons. One on the left side one on the right and one on the front of it. The two side buttons are used as volume controls and the button on the front is used for taking calls and connecting the bluetooth to your phone. Connecting the device to your phone is very easy. When your phone is looking for bluetooth devices, just hold down the center button and within seconds it will be connected. The button on the left side is to put the volume up and on the right it is for the volume down.

When I buy a bluetooth headset, the first thing I want to know about is the sound quality. The sound quality on the AX Micro is pretty good. It isn’t the best sound quality you can have from a bluetooth but I can still understand the other person.

I only found two minor problems with the AX Micro. The first was with the connection while making calls. Sometimes if the bluetooth is in your pocket the call will start to break up. But it has never completely cut off in the middle of a call, as long as the bluetooth is close to the phone you won’t experience many problems. The second problem was fitting it into my ear. Just at the beginning when I was trying it on, it was hard to find out which way it should go in. But, after I figured out how it should sit in my ear, I had no problem getting it in any other time.

I think that the retail price for this product is pretty reasonable, $49.99. But now you can get the AX Micro for under $40 in many stores online. Here is my final review of the AX Micro by Tritton Technologies.


  • Easy of use 10/10
  • Sound quality 7/10
  • Design 8/10
  • Connection 7/10
  • Overall Rating 8/10
Thank you again Megan Saulsbury for letting us review this product.