Google Chrome looks like a great web browser

Just today I downloaded Google Chrome, Google’s new internet web browser. Yesterday Google announced that they would be releasing Chrome today. The news was all over tech blogs. Google Chrome installed surprisingly fast and has been working absolutely fabulous. This web browser is only available for Windows and Linux right now but they said that Chrome will come out for Mac soon.¬†Currently Chrome is in beta, but it is a very reliable web browser that hasn’t crashed or lagged once on me yet.

The one thing that I love about Chrome is it’s simplicity. Chrome is the most simple web browser I have ever seen. All it has is tabs on the top with the web address bar right under it. The back, forward, and refresh buttons are to the right of the address bar and tools and preferences to the right. I think that this gives Google a big advantage over many other web browsers, because I’m sure that everyone wants things to be simple. You may notice that I didn’t talk about a search bar. That is because that the search bar is integrated into the address bar, all you have to do is start typing, click enter and your searching Google!

If you want to download Google Chrome you can go to this link. I would highly suggest downloading Chrome, it looks like it is set to be a fantastic internet browser.