New iPod nanos and iPod touches! (Rumors)

Well these two rumors have been around for a while, the 4G iPod nano and the 2G iPod touch. Personally I can’t wait for either. They both seem to have great changes to their “form”, I can’t wait to see how the new ones look.

By the rumors the 4G iPod nano is going back to its last “tall” form, and it is going to have curved edges just like the newer MacBook Air. The new 3G iPhone also has the curved back to it. I personally don’t like the tall nano, I think that the short one looks a lot better, but I understand that they want to enlarge the screen for viewing video. l I like the new curved products by Apple, I think they make them look amazing. I do wonder about the colors that they will be available with. I think that I like the new 3G colors compared to the 2G colors.

The new iPod touch, also has many changes to it’s look. For starters the back is looking more like the iPhone, which I think is a great idea. The second change is on the side, volume buttons! I know many people in the Apple community have wanted this for so long and it looks like it will finally get put on the new iPod touch. The one thing that I would really want for the next iPod touch to have is for it to be available in colors. I’m not talking about blue, green, and red. Just the black and white like the iPhone, I would love that.

There are many rumors that the iPod touch will be getting GPS. I have mixed feelings about having GPS in the iPod touch, but I personally don’t think it is a good idea. I think if it got GPS, a lot of people that want iPhones would just buy the iPod touch and they wouldn’t have to deal with the cell phone plan and AT&T. I think that I would rather have a speaker and a mic. I think so many people would buy the iPod touch if it had a speaker, it would be so nice not to have to use your headphones all the time.

So, I can’t wait till September 9th. It should be a great day. So what do you think about these new rumored iPod’s? Do you like the new iPod nano? Should the iPod touch have GPS? Let me know what you think, leave a comment or email us at