New Microsoft Commercials

Just today Microsoft released 3 more TV ads not starting Bill Gates or Jerry Seinfeld. Jerry Seinfeld was “cut” and now it is phase two of Microsoft’s 300 million dollar ad campaign.

The first two ads with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld were terrible, at least that’s what I think. I know a lot of other bloggers and YouTubers thought they were terrible too. Personally I think that they were to hard to understand. Ads need to be straight forward, and those two first ads were anything but straight forward. Some people on You Tube thought they were funny. I don’t know, if they were funny I completely missed the joke. I didn’t see how they were funny at all, mainly the first one the first one. The first commercials were terrible.

Now the second phase of Microsoft’s ads… I thought the second group of ads are much, much, better. The first reason why they are better is, they are short. Just like the “Get a Mac” ads, 30 seconds long. The second reason why they are better is, they are straight forward and tell everyone what they are trying to say. I know they aren’t as straight forward as they could be, but you have a general idea of what they are trying to tell you. The third reason why the second group is better is because of the name. Microsoft has named the new ads “I’m a PC”. I thought that this was a great title! Good job Microsoft! A nice “short and sweet” title, I really like it.

So what are the new Microsoft ads trying to say to the watcher? I think they are trying to say that you can use a PC anywhere at anytime, that anyone can use it, and it is a computer for everyone. In this ad they show many differnent kinds of people, from jean designers to Obama bloggers to deep sea divers to your everyday american. It also tells you that anyone can use it. Since there are many different people from all different walks of live in these ads it shows people that anyone can use a PC.

The new Microsoft ads are much better than the old ones, I like them so much more. Bravo Microsoft!