The New iPod nanos

Apple recently released all new iPods for their Christmas line up, as they do all most every year. This year they completely redesigned the iPod nano, and I love the redesign.

Last year there was some speculation on weather people would like the “short” design of the iPod nano. At the time I think people loved it. I saw a lot of my friends getting them for Christmas. I even got one for my mom for Mother’s Day last year. Everyone thought that the new one looked great so they bought it. Looking back on it now, I hate the fat look. It’s crazy how Apple can just kind of “brain wash” you to buy almost any product that they put out there.

I love the new iPod nano design and I don’t think it is just the “brain washing” from Apple. The second I saw all of those colors at the special event, I was stunned. Seriously, I think the new iPods look fantastic. They have a bigger screen so you can watch videos easier and they are very thin. You could barely see it in the keynote when he was holding it up on it’s side. I can’t wait to get one of them in my hand.

They also put some new features into the iPod nano. Features like the accelerometer and shake to shuffle. You can now turn one of the new iPod nanos on it’s side and you can get coverflow. This was something brand new with this iPod, no other iPod had an accelerometer in it but the iPod touch. The second feature is shake to shuffle. All you have to do it shake your iPod and it shuffles the music just like if you where to click shuffle on your iPod. The new iPod nano looks amazing and I can’t wait to get it into my hand and see other people with them. Great job Apple on making yet another amazing product.