Thoughts on the new MacBooks

Just last Tuesday Apple released a whole new line up of MacBooks, and right now I have to say, they look amazing! I really like that they took the new iMac look, because I loved the new iMac when they came out.

I will start off with my thoughts on the new MacBook. The MacBook, in my opinion looks fantastic. I really like the new aluminum design and I think that it looks more elegant and professional than the older plastic one. Even though I would have loved a black MacBook, I think that these will top the older generation. The first and most noticeable change they made in the internal design was the track pad. The track pad now has no button, the track pad is the button. I really like this idea. I think at first it will be very had to get use to but in the end it will be a habit and everyone will love it. The track pad is now glass. Yes, there were some rumors about the new track pad being glass and it looks like they came true. I haven’t seen or played with the new MacBooks yet. So I’m not sure if I like this idea, but everyone that has one on YouTube seems to be liking it.

I have two complaints with the new MacBook. One, there is no firewire in it. Two, the price increased instead of decreasing like it should be in this terrible economy. The first complaint, no firewire is terrible. Apple invented firewire back when they made the Mac and they don’t include it in their own computers? When is the last time when someone invented something and they didn’t include that invention in the next creation that they made? I thought that it was really weird for Apple to not put this in their MacBook and MacBook Pro. Also, the price increase for the MacBook is absolutely terrible. Our economy is doing very, very, bad in these times and all of our prices should be going down so people can afford them not up! There is not much more I can say about this but the price should have been dropped.

Now to the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro looks the same as the MacBook. Aluminum inside and outside, with the black border around the screen. This in itself could be a big mistake for Apple. In the past the MacBook and the MacBook Pro have always had a feature so you could know which one the Pro was. Now with the new update, they are exactly the same except for the size. Apple also “discontinued” the 17″ MacBook Pro. I think that this was a mistake, although you can buy the old one I think people will really like the new one and they will want to buy that one. I think in the next few months Apple will release a 17″ MacBook Pro. Also, the MacBook Pro doesn’t have FireWire, again, that is a problem. The last problem I have with the MacBook Pro is the fact that there is only 2 USB ports. That is absolutely terrible, 2 usb ports on a Pro machine? Apple has always had more than two on their Pro machines. The MacBook Pro needs more than two. But, even though the MacBook price went up the MacBook Pro price stayed the same. I think this was a good idea even though the MacBook should have stayed the same too.

But these are just my thoughts. I’m sure others would say some of the same things but many different ones. If you have any thoughts please leave a comment. I would love to hear your opinion, you can email me at