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  • Bryan 6:43 pm on January 22, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Gadgets and Tech on Twitter! 

    I decided that we should have some way of notifying all of you (our viewers) of when we have new posts up on our website. So I wipped up an icon on Photoshop and made our Twitter account. You can find it at this link > @gadgetsandtech. If you would like to follow us, that would be great! We will tweet when we have some new posts up, so hopefully you will come and see them. Also, if you would like to follow the writers here at Gadgets and Tech here are our twitter accounts. All of our writers have Twitter.

    Bryan Thomas- @bthockey

    Chris Miller- @cyclingplatypus

    Graham Hall- @ghall

  • Chris 11:38 pm on January 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Review – Targus Laser Mouse for Mac 

    I’ve been using this mouse for the last two weeks and didn’t want to post a review here until I used it for a while, the initial part of the review was originally posted on my personal blog.

    If you’ve used Apple’s Mighty Mouse than you know how good it feels and how easily you get used to that little scroll ball, if you’ve used Apple’s Mighty Mouse for any prolonged amount of time you know that that tiny little scroll ball is its achilles heal and the cause of much frustration. A few weeks ago after doing my little ball cleaning ritual after not being able to scroll up I decided that as much as I liked the little guy I’d have to seriously look for a replacement.

    It was at this point that I was going to buy a nice Microsoft Arch mouse, say what you will about Microsoft but they make some fine mice but then I stumbled unto the Targus Laser Mouse that they designed for the Mac and if one laser is good two must be better. The problem with buying a relatively new product like this is that reviews are a bit on the light side and don’t mention somethings that I wanted/needed to know before buying.

    I was looking for a mouse that would allow middle click and allow me to program Expose into a side button…I knew that they Targus one would let me do Expose programming but I did now know, nor could I find any reviews that told me if I could middle click. A lack of middle click was a deal breaker for me. I decided that I’d take a chance and pick up the Targus at my local Buy More, worse case scenario I was back in a week to return it.

    First thing is something that I couldn’t find in any review, this isn’t a 4 button mouse it is a five, the middle scrolling laser is also a button and works just like command+click, i.e. you click on a link in your browser it pulls it up behind in a new tab.

    Second, while it does come with drivers to install so you can program the two left side buttons you might not need to install:

    Out of the box you get:
    Right Click
    Left Click
    Middle (command+click)
    Top button on the left (Expose)

    The fifth button or bottom left button doesn’t do anything out of the box.

    I really like the mouse and while it is slightly larger than the Mighty Mouse it isn’t overly noticeable. The only negative that I can really say is that there is a small learning curve with the top scrolling laser and it takes some getting used to. The clicking is a little louder than MM and while it is nice not having to squeeze the mouse on both sides to activate Expose the preprogrammed button on the side is up a little further than it is on the MM.

    Tracking and scrolling out of the box are a bit on the fast side but easily fixed in System Preferences and I have used it on a mouse pad as well as a couple of other surfaces and haven’t experienced any problems.

    Bottom line is this is a great mouse that gets better once you adjust to using a flat slick plastic surface for scrolling rather than a physical ball or wheel.

    UPDATE: I noticed that the little scrolling laser has a little round of protective plastic on it and removing it improved the scrolling.

    UPDATE – 1.20.09: I’ve used this mouse for the last two weeks and I have to retract my recommendation. As a mouse it is good, until you get to what I originally viewed as a strong point the top scrolling laser. It isn’t as sensitive as a physical ball or wheel. I’m going to keep it and throw it in my laptop bag for use onsite at shoots instead of the trackpad but as a main mouse, I’m pretty disappointed and don’t think I’ll be recommending it to any friends. I’m going to experiment more with it and try to find a way to make the scrolling laser more responsive (maybe a piece of a screen protector will add some tactile feedback that will help scrolling but as it is it’s unresponsive at times and gets worse if you have anything on your fingers (i.e. lotion, donut glaze, etc.).

  • Bryan 9:20 am on January 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Review of Speed Brain for the iPhone 

    Recentley Andrea Lawn gave me the game Speed Brain for the iPhone and iPod touch and she asked for a review on it. So thank you to Andrea for making this happen.

    So basically Speed Brain is a application that helps your brain think faster. It’s kind of hard to explain without having you actually use it. Some games similar to this have came out for the Nintendo DS and other gaming platforms.

    This is a pretty simple application. All you have to do us remember the first picture you see then they show you another one. If it is the same as the last picture you press match. If it is a different picture then you press no match. After that then you have to remember the picture that you just did. It does get quite complex and difficult.

    After you are done. It shows you some things like your reaction time and your accuracy of saying match or no match. It also give you a score which you can compare to others.

    I personally use this application in the morning. When I am just sitting on my couch feeling really tired. This is when I think the application has the best use. It really helps wake me up and get my brain working for the day.

    I do think that they could really add a lot to this application. They could add various other games, to make it better than others on the App Store. If you have any un spent Christmas iTunes cards, you can pick up Speed Brain in the App Store for only $0.99.

    • Romain David 2:02 pm on January 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks Bryan for the great review. We are currently working on new exciting iPhone products and we will keep you up to date.

  • Bryan 8:00 pm on January 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Gadgets and Tech- Looking for writers 

    As many of you can probably tell. Gadgets and Tech hasn’t had too many post up in the past few months. But as the founder of Gadgets and Tech, I am trying to turn that around.

    So if you would like to write for Gadgets and Tech, please send us an email at gadgetsandtech@gmail.com. Please include…

    1. Your name and age
    2. What you would mainly post about.
    3. Why you would like to blog with us.
    4. Any other previous blogging experience.
    5. How often you intend on posting.

    We could really use some new writers.

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