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  • Bryan 8:49 pm on February 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Review of the AX Pro 

    I recently received the AX Pro for review. It is a gaming headset made by a company called Tritton. We have had other Tritton products reviewed here on Gadgets and Tech and they have turned out pretty good. Over this review I will tell you if the AX Pro continues the pattern.

    Of course what everyone wants to know about gaming headsets is their sound quality. To me this is one of the AX Pro’s biggest pros. This headset has excellent sound quality. The sound quality from these headphones is better than my TV. It also has 5.1 surround sound so you feel even more into your game. To deliver this excellent sound quality the AX Pro has eight speakers, four in each ear.

    One of the items that is included in the box is a controller for the headset. On it you can increase or decrease the volume, turn your microphone on and off and turn the chat on the game higher or lower. You can also choose to turn different parts of the acoustics higher or lower. Just click the part you want to change and put it up or down. You can choose between front, center, rear or subwoofer. If you don’t click a certain one then you will just control all of them by default.

    Since the AX Pro is a gaming headset a microphone is also included. So you can talk to your friends on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or your Mac/PC. I did find one problem with the microphone; it doesn’t pick up quieter sounds. So if you talk softer than most people this might not be for you because the microphone will not be able to pick up your voice. Other than that small problem the microphone has worked fine for me.

    The biggest con I found in the AX Pro is its size and set up time. It did take me a while to figure out where all the cords go because there are many cords that come in the box with the headset itself. The set up process is also fairly complex. There are many different boxes, cords, and outlets, but hopefully you can figure it out with the instruction manual that they give you. This is one thing that I think they could improve on in the next generation of the AX Pro. Once you figure out the set up instructions you are good to go!

    Final Points


    • Sound quality is excellent.
    • Surround sound. 
    • Microphone included.


    • Very bulky set up with many pieces.
    • Cords seem like they are going everywhere.
    • Microphone doesn’t pick up quieter sounds.

    If you want a great sounding gaming headset with surround sound and you don’t mind a bulky set up system or many cords then the AX Pro would be a great choice for you. You can pick up the AX Pro online for around $160. In my opinion, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

  • Bryan 5:19 am on February 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Is Pc gaming dead? 

    I’m not sure if it’s just me but I really think PC gaming is dying, and very fast. I remember playing Call of Duty 2 online with so many other people, there were hundreds of servers you could play on. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it, unitll I got my Xbox 360 last Christmas.

    When I got my 360, it was the first gaming console that I actually played a lot. Before that I had a GameCube which really wasn’t that great. So right when I got it, I started playing Xbox Live. This was so fun because I could play with all of my friends. I think this is why people are moving away from PC gaming.

    Sure you can use things like XFire to play with your friends but it won’t be near the experience that you would get with Xbox Live. Plus there are a lot more people on Xbox Live and PlayStation than on any PC game. The only game that is still really being played on the PC is World of Warcraft, and games like it.

    I think all video games are really turning into mutiplayer games and playing with friends. So what do you think? Is PC gaming dying? Why or why not? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

    • Chris 10:38 pm on February 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Maybe a shift in PC games but far from dead, my reasoning for this:

      – FPS, diehard FPS fans will not play on a console until they can play using a mouse and keyboard and this is because they offer better accuracy and customization.

      – control pad, alluded to above but until developers allow for control pad customization you won’t even start to pull in from true PC base.

      – this Sims/SimCity/Civilization, you can not recreate the gaming experience that you get on a PC with the console. I think they did a great job porting the Civilization game to the 360 but playing the PC/Mac version is like a completely different beast.

      – no ability for real level building or editing on a console and if there is it’s normally pretty cumbersome, on a PC it’s a better experience.

      and the biggest sign that it isn’t dead or even close is…

      – World of Warcraft…RPG’s can’t be experienced on a console the way they are on a PC.

      Where it does come into play is end users, console games have a longer shelf life because of recycling and bargain bins because people are always adopting new gaming consoles and instead of paying $60 for a new game will pick up 2-3 used games…and the popular games will always have someone online playing them on a console.

      A PC is a different story, you can’t really walk into a game store and pick up a used copy of a PC game anymore, PC gamers buy the game, play it and as soon as it is is updated they’ll buy that new version and stop playing the older version, no recycling and there isn’t really a bargain bins for the games either, they are released, bought, and then pretty much disappear until they end up in the CD jewel case with slip case in the $9.99 section and those games have a very long shelf life, which is to say that they sit on the shelf for a very long time.

      Social gaming and traditional gaming are two different things all together, social gaming is better on a console with friends trash talking each other. That is better on a console because it is a one stop shop, easy to see if friends are on, easy to make sure everyone is playing using the same version of the game (no mods, etc) and can be done on a whim.

      There are more casual gamers on consoles and Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

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