iPod touch BodyGuardz Review 

I recently received the BodyGuardz for iPod touch to review from Lauren Mullen. So a thank you goes out to her for making this happen. “BodyGuardz” are screen and complete device protectors that can protect your device from scratches. BodyGuardz are available for tons of devices. You can buy them for phones, iPods, PDAs, gaming devices, computers, and other things like cameras. All of the information about the BodyGuardz can be found here, at BodyGuardz.com.

First, the installation. In the box they give you three basic items, they are: the BodyGuardz themselves (they give you two sets), the application solution, and a “squeegee card” to get out all of the water bubbles so the screen protector looks really nice. The application solution is put on the back of your BodyGuardz (the sticky part), so you can move them to where they need to go without having the BodyGuardz stick in their place too soon. I won’t go through the whole installation but I will tell you my thoughts on the installation process. I personally think the directions for the BodyGuardz are excellent. If you use their directions to install the BodyGuardz, you should not have many problems. The application solution that they give you is very good. As the directions say, you can’t use enough of it because eventually all of the solution will dry out. I would also suggest to you to not press down too hard with the squeegee card because it can leave some marks on the BodyGuardz that you don’t want to see later. If you wait it out, the solution should dry fairly quickly.

Second, protection. The protection that the BodyGuardz provide is really great. Even thought BodyGuardz isn’t a very popular name, it still offers very good protection that is just as good if not better than some of the more well known screen/ device protectors. I have dropped my iPod touch a couple of times with the BodyGuard on it, and it seemed completely fine and there were not any big scratches in the device. One time I did drop my iPod touch and the BodyGuard did get a pretty good scratch in it but there was no scratch at all in my iPod touch.

Even though BodyGuardz are very nice, I did find a few problems with the design or just installation flaws.  One small thing that is the enemy of many screen protectors is, dust. As long as you don’t have very much wind in the room where you are installing the BodyGuard in, you shouldn’t have any dust under the BodyGuard itself. However, on the back of the device near the corners, I found that after a while dust will start to collect in places that are not flat to the device. It is very hard to get all of the corners flat down on the device. This was one of the reasons why I decided to wait a little bit until I posted the review, I wanted to see the long term effects on the BodyGuard as a screen protector. The second problem I found, I wouldn’t really even classify it as a problem. I just think it is very hard to actually get everything lined up on the back of the device so it fits perfectly. If the protector isn’t on exactly right, there is some hang over on the device but you should have put a good amount of application solution on so you can pick it up and reposition the BodyGuard. The only to flaws I found in the BodyGuardz are: dust collection in non-flat parts and that it is very hard to position the BodyGuard perfectly.

I would defiantly suggest a BodyGuard to anyone who is looking for a screen protector to put on their their devices. They are fairly easy to install, offer great protection, and give 360 protection for every part of the device. Again, you can find all of the information for the BodyGuardz at BodyGuardz.com.