13″ MacBook Pro 

I was going to write up a little review about the new 13” MacBook Pro that we bought last week, but I have to be honest, no words that I have can really describe it and my “review” ended up being more the experience of buying it rather than a solid review. I was going to say after some awesome Mexican food that was a bit more expensive than it should have been from New Hampshire’s first Mexican restaurant and a brief stop at the Teddy Bear extortion workshop we left the main hallways of an almost deserted mall after watching MacBook Pro box after macBook Pro box exit the Apple Store, a steady stream that actually had me wondering if they were giving them away free with any purchase.

We decided to make our trip midweek to avoid the crowds, if the store was this crowded on a Thursday night I can’t imagine what the weekend would have been like. Unlike previous trips to the Rockingham Park Apple Store we actually had to wait around and then actively seek out an employee to help us and even that took 10-15 minutes, finally got someone and it took another 10+ minutes for them to go deep into the top secret warehouse to retrieve the 13 inches of aluminum goodness and iPod Touch (free after rebate since HC is a student). All the while with new MBP (as the cool kids call them) after new MBP walking out the door, the only thing that wasn’t a MBP that I saw leave was a huge iMac, apparently this guy had a huge empty desk at home. But finally the mohawked kid who was helping us brought out the little box that help 4.5 pounds of pure Mac awesomeness, which, that rumor has it was touched by the hand of Steve Jobs himself, I’m not going to lie I almost wet myself a little kind of like an over excited Chihuahua. A couple more stops to make to get adequately sugared up for the 30 minute drive home and we were off. I waited for HC to ask if I was going to put it in the trunk so I could say “nobody puts Baby in the trunk”, a running Dirty Dancing joke that we have.

At home, I lay the box on the island, wash my hands and then slowly make a precise incision to break the hermetic seal and hear a little “pssss” as the pressure normalizes. As I open the box angels start to sing and light actually comes out of the box and there she is, wrapped in a tight fitting plastic wrap…”AHHHHHHH” (angels singing). I light some candles and then bring the sexiness out and start to undress her, and then HC comes in turns on the lights and says “ummm…what are you doing?”, “ummm…nothing”. then I do what any true geek does, I unscrew the ten screws on the bottom open her up and take some photos of her in all her glory for my private collection and then pop in a little more RAM, not enough to max out the 8GB’s of allowable RAM but enough to make her fast enough for what I need to do and give me room to add more in the future.

Then I plug her in and turn her on…”BONG” (that’s the sound a Mac makes when you start it up, not an odd 70’s Show reference). A few setup things and the little catchy welcome to your new Mac movie and wow!

The things you notice right out of the box is that the aluminum MacBook is sexy, period. The screen is bright and very nice, I don’t mind the glossy screen and the colors do pop, deep rich blacks and vibrant colors. The new MBP’s come with a backlit keyboard and I thought I’d just turn it off and never use it but I have to say that it is quite helpful and even provides a little mood lighting for your late night (or less than optimally lit rooms) browsing. The SD card slot is nice and it accepts my big SDHC cards, up to 32GB’s according to the specs, this will be helpful if I ever find myself on a site shoot and have happened to left my card reader on the desk (happened once). The firewire 800 is a nice addition and my only real complaint is the built in battery, sure it last longer than the removable battery but the ability to have a spare battery just in case will be missed, but then again I’m sure we are on the cusp of seeing a whole bunch of external “accessory” batteries hitting the market with clever names like the iBattery and the iBattery Pro.

It is a big and noticeable upgrade from my 2.0GHz white MacBook and I only hope that it las as long and is as trouble free as that one has been, as for that old white Book, well she’s getting an easier life, no more processor intense photo editing for her, no more spinning beach balls because I’m trying to do too much with the 2GB’s of RAM…nope she’ll spend the rest of her days living the life of web browsing, word processing and pretty much attached to a monitor in desktop mode and I’m sure it isn’t too far off when she’s adorned with flower stickers and lots of music that I won’t understand as she makes the gradual progression to my daughter.

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