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  • Bryan 1:15 pm on August 28, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Carentan vs. Chinatown 

    Not too long ago, Activision released the first map pack for Call of Duty 4. In the map pack there was a map called Chinatown which was designed completely around the very popular Call of Duty 2 map called Carentan. I really loved the map Carentan I use to play it all the time on Call of Duty 2 and it is continued to be played across a lot of servers for the game. I am going to compare these two maps.

    I think it was a great idea to keep the map virtually the same as the one before it. The hardcore Call of Duty 2 players will really enjoy this because they will be able to go in the same sniping and hiding spots that they were so familar with in Call of Duty 2. I find myself going in those hiding spots all of the time because I know the map so well.

    Carentan Pros: The one great aspect of Carentan is the light. I think that this certain map was great in the day instead of the night because you have better vision and line on sight. I personally like this better because it is easier to take people down from across the map. Unless you are more of a camper or someone who sneaks around in the dark, then you might like the night time setting more. Carentan is a great map for long range gun battles in the streets and more sniping.

    Chinatown Pros: Chinatown is great for the up close and personal guns. Most of the fighting is now done in the rooms of the houses (because it is dark) compared to the streets when it was a lighter map. It is also great for camping because it has so many small corners and places where you can hide to lay claymores. Chinatown is a great map for campers and people who like up close battles in buildings.

    Bottom line: If you are more into snipers, Carentan is  great for you. If you are into camping, you would like Chinatown. I know this doesn’t really connect with many of our readers, but it is something that a lot of Call of Duty players think about. These are all just strictly opinions so please post a comment of what you think of the two maps and which one you like better. Even if you haven’t played Carentan from Call of Duty 2 tell me what you think about Chinatown.

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    Fixing Windows Vista 

    There are somethings that just completely annoy me about Windows Vista that I really would like to see changed before I upgrade to Windows 7. This is not a post just to bash Windows Vista because believe me, I am really excited about Windows 7 and can’t wait to see what the new version has to offer all of us in October. Here is the list.

    Cancel/Allow: This happens every time I download, install, then run a new piece of software. Before the program starts up there will be a window that comes up which asks me if I would like to allow this program to run, even though I just told it to run. I know that there might be a way to get around this in the settings some way but the point is there shouldn’t be this kind of a problem! You shouldn’t have to allow something to happen on your computer if you already told it to do so.

    Admin Rights: I’m not sure if this has happened to you but it always happens to me. I only have one account on my computer, which should be the administrator also correct? Well Vista doesn’t seem to think so. Sometimes I will try to save a file from the internet onto a program file on my hard drive and it won’t let me because I am not the “administrator”. I end up saving it to my hard drive first then moving it into the folder that I want. I really don’t understand why this has to happen. Many times it is even just trying to delete things and my own computer won’t let me.

    Compatibility problems: Many old games, software, and hardware have a really hard time being compatible with Vista. I know I tried to install some of my old computer games and they either wouldn’t be able to install or they wouldn’t be able to run near as well as what they did on XP. I would love to see Windows 7, to be a very compatible operating system. Where you will be able to run old software and those old games that you desperately needed when you had Vista.

    Error codes: I don’t want to know that the error was number XX00825. I want to know what happened and why it happened. Telling me just numbers and letters won’t help me at all, if you actually give me an explanation then I might be able to troubleshoot it and fix it completely. It gets worse when you don’t even know if that is an error or a bad virus, then your in for a really fun time.

    I can’t wait to see what the final version of Windows 7 looks like. Hopefully it will change and impress me enough to make me upgrade. If you agree or disagree with anything I was talking about feel free to leave me a comment down below.

  • Chris 3:31 pm on August 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Tiger Woods 10 Wii – Review 

    My recent Wii gaming didn’t stop with Wii Sports Resort that I last reviewed, the lovely wife surprised me with a fresh copy of Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii. I’ve long been a fan of the Tiger Woods games and normally I play on the 360 where the graphics and gameplay are phenomenal. The idea of using the Wii controller came with mixed emotions for me, I’m very used to playing TW on with a gamepad.

    I will say this in the beginning, I went into this expecting to be annoyed and frustrated, I was pleasantly proven wrong. When comparing games across different platforms it is important to realize that even though the same game is released on different platforms it doesn’t mean you get the same game. TW10 on the 360 is an amazing graphical experience, on the Wii it is more about the controller.

    There are some great games for the Wii and TW10 is near the top of the list. Like all TW games it has golf, various mini-games and training aides but they are pretty cryptically placed and I still haven’t found the driving range or putting practice course, they might not even be in the game. I’d much rather have these than the poor implementation of frisbee golf that they did include. The game overall is very solid with only a few minor problems but frisbee golf is probably the weakest link, EA should have looked at Wii Sports Resort and modeled their frisbee golf after that one.

    As far as playing with and without the Wii MotionPlus adapter, there is a slight difference when playing with it attached than there is playing without it. With it I found that my shots are more accurate but not enough to hinder gameplay and not enough to warrant running out and buying another MotionPlus adapter.


    + Great gameplay, high replay value
    + Easy game to play with friends or alone
    + Control scheme is one of the best on the Wii (my opinion)
    + Can be played with or without the Wii MotionPlus attachment.
    + Fun game, dare I say a bit more fun that playing with a gamepad.
    + As an added bonus if you are “older” (like me) your neck and upper body doesn’t crack as much when you play, this is nice because it also carries over to when you aren’t playing, I can twist me head in all kinds of directions now without it sounding like I am eating cereal.


    • Sometimes when using the aiming aid the percentage/distance meter gets in the way.
    • Frisbee golf.
    • Not a good main screen layout.
    • Can’t find game modes that should be there, i.e. driving range, putting practice course.

Final: If you’ve got a Wii and enjoy golf games this is a definite purchase.

  • Bryan 11:01 pm on August 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    More followers on Twitter 

    On Twitter, everyone wants more followers. Followers help you with your problems or questions and probably actually care about what you are saying. I thought I would write and give suggestions to other Twitter users on how to get more followers. Now of course I don’t consider my self an expert in getting more Twitter followers but there are a couple of methods that I use to help myself.

    1. Retweeting. Retweeting is a great way to spread news through Twitter, or just a funny post that your friend tweeted that you want to share. They don’t actually have a retweet button on the web but many Twitter clients for your desktop and iPhone support it. I imagine the website will be putting support for it up very shortly.

    2. Follow Friday. On every Friday Twitter users @ reply their favorite people on Twitter and at the end of that tweet they put the hash tag #followfriday onto it. This is a great way to spread the word about new twitter users that need to be followed or a Twitter user that you think might be under rated that should be a lot more popular. It is a really nice thing to do for someone, it shows that you like their content and appreciate what they do.

    3. Replies. You would be surprised how much helping someone out will actually help you out in the long run. Once, a friend on mine on Twitter had a question about iTunes that I quickly helped her out with and she was very happy about it. A couple days later I found out that she tagged me in her follow friday and might have gotten a few followers from it.

    4. Don’t push people. So many times I have received direct messages from people that say “If I follow you will you follow me?”. This is a terrible question and if some one asks me this it is defiantly a turn off and I don’t follow them. Basically, if people like what you do they will follow you.

    Now I’m sure you notice that all of these methods give other people followers but it doesn’t seem like they will give you any. Well if you want to get more followers on Twitter the best way is to make friends with people and have relationships with them too. There are some really great and knowledgeable people on Twitter, get to know them! Most likely, if you help someone else out they will help you too.

    Follow Gadgets and Tech on Twitter for updates: @gadgetsandtech

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    Wii Sports Resort – Review 

    Wii Sports Resort Review – I have not learned my lesson when it comes to Wii games and that lesson is, if it is a Wii game be prepared to be frustrated. By all accounts Wii Sports Resort (from this point referred to as WSR) is a sequel to everyones favorite bundled Wii game Wii Sports and judging it that way it is a good game that, like Wii Sports, takes a while for the “seasoned” gamer to get used to this is because we are used to a gamepad and buttons, lots of buttons and to be honest I wish the Wii had a Wii game compatible controller besides the Wiimote, but that’s me.

    WSR is twelve mini games that once again highlight the Wii control system, with one caveat, it requires yet another additional piece to the Wii controller puzzle, the MotionPlus adapter is required to play the game and they include one in the box but the additional ones are going to run you just shy of $20 a piece, also a big player in this version is the nunchuk adapter, once again going to run you just shy of $20 each. I have two controllers, one with nunchuk adapter and one without. When it is all said and done if I want to be able to play with maximum two player pleasure I’m going to have to fork out another $40 for a “complete” set, this brings the grand total of buying a “complete” Wii controller from $60 to $80, talk about fleecing the consumer Nintendo does this and hardly anybody complains.

    (perspective) 360 – $299 (with 60GB HDD)
    extra wireless controller – $50
    total – $349

    Wii – $249
    extra controller – $80 (Wiimote+nunchuck+MotionPlus)
    plus additional Wii motion add-on for original controller – $20 (or $49.99 if you also buy WSR)
    total – $350 ($378.99)

    Gameplay is fun with the exception of archery which takes a bit of getting used to and is really the weak part of the bundled games. Judging the games as they are without any other factors this could be a great game for friends and family game get-togethers…but unfortunately this isn’t just about the games.

    There are two negatives to the game, one that is an inconvenience and another that is a huge drawback. The first is the MotionPlus needs to be calibrated which requires you to set the controller face down until the Wii registers it. Not terrible before starting to play but I’ve gotten a calibration error in the middle of a couple of gaming sessions, once again a minor inconvenience.

    The second and it a major drawback to me, the necessity for yet another $20 add-on so when all is said and done for you to enjoy the game as it is advertised (four players) you have to spend an additional $60 for three more MotionPlus adapters and possibly another $60 for nunchuk adapters. As of this review there are 3 other games that utilize MotionPlus in addition to WSR and two of them are tennis games, the other is Tiger Woods 10 and interestingly enough all three games don’t require the adapter but are compatible with it.


    + fun games
    + who knew flying a plane with a Wii controller could be so fun
    + bundled with MotionPlus adapter
    + fairly high replay value
    + bowling is back

- REQUIRES MotionPlus adapter, not optional as the employee where I bought it at said it was

    • some games require nunchuk adapter
    • price, if it was priced at $20, basically free bundled with a MotionPlus adapter paying $20 each for additional adapter would be easier to accept
    • archery game is a bit frustrating

Final: Purchase recommendation depends on how much disposable income you have, if you have some it is recommended, if you don’t wait for GameStop or eBay to get a supply of used ones

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