More followers on Twitter

On Twitter, everyone wants more followers. Followers help you with your problems or questions and probably actually care about what you are saying. I thought I would write and give suggestions to other Twitter users on how to get more followers. Now of course I don’t consider my self an expert in getting more Twitter followers but there are a couple of methods that I use to help myself.

1. Retweeting. Retweeting is a great way to spread news through Twitter, or just a funny post that your friend tweeted that you want to share. They don’t actually have a retweet button on the web but many Twitter clients for your desktop and iPhone support it. I imagine the website will be putting support for it up very shortly.

2. Follow Friday. On every Friday Twitter users @ reply their favorite people on Twitter and at the end of that tweet they put the hash tag #followfriday onto it. This is a great way to spread the word about new twitter users that need to be followed or a Twitter user that you think might be under rated that should be a lot more popular. It is a really nice thing to do for someone, it shows that you like their content and appreciate what they do.

3. Replies. You would be surprised how much helping someone out will actually help you out in the long run. Once, a friend on mine on Twitter had a question about iTunes that I quickly helped her out with and she was very happy about it. A couple days later I found out that she tagged me in her follow friday and might have gotten a few followers from it.

4. Don’t push people. So many times I have received direct messages from people that say “If I follow you will you follow me?”. This is a terrible question and if some one asks me this it is defiantly a turn off and I don’t follow them. Basically, if people like what you do they will follow you.

Now I’m sure you notice that all of these methods give other people followers but it doesn’t seem like they will give you any. Well if you want to get more followers on Twitter the best way is to make friends with people and have relationships with them too. There are some really great and knowledgeable people on Twitter, get to know them! Most likely, if you help someone else out they will help you too.

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