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  • Bryan 1:15 pm on August 28, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Carentan vs. Chinatown 

    Not too long ago, Activision released the first map pack for Call of Duty 4. In the map pack there was a map called Chinatown which was designed completely around the very popular Call of Duty 2 map called Carentan. I really loved the map Carentan I use to play it all the time on Call of Duty 2 and it is continued to be played across a lot of servers for the game. I am going to compare these two maps.

    I think it was a great idea to keep the map virtually the same as the one before it. The hardcore Call of Duty 2 players will really enjoy this because they will be able to go in the same sniping and hiding spots that they were so familar with in Call of Duty 2. I find myself going in those hiding spots all of the time because I know the map so well.

    Carentan Pros: The one great aspect of Carentan is the light. I think that this certain map was great in the day instead of the night because you have better vision and line on sight. I personally like this better because it is easier to take people down from across the map. Unless you are more of a camper or someone who sneaks around in the dark, then you might like the night time setting more. Carentan is a great map for long range gun battles in the streets and more sniping.

    Chinatown Pros: Chinatown is great for the up close and personal guns. Most of the fighting is now done in the rooms of the houses (because it is dark) compared to the streets when it was a lighter map. It is also great for camping because it has so many small corners and places where you can hide to lay claymores. Chinatown is a great map for campers and people who like up close battles in buildings.

    Bottom line: If you are more into snipers, Carentan is  great for you. If you are into camping, you would like Chinatown. I know this doesn’t really connect with many of our readers, but it is something that a lot of Call of Duty players think about. These are all just strictly opinions so please post a comment of what you think of the two maps and which one you like better. Even if you haven’t played Carentan from Call of Duty 2 tell me what you think about Chinatown.

  • Bryan 4:55 pm on August 21, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Fixing Windows Vista 

    There are somethings that just completely annoy me about Windows Vista that I really would like to see changed before I upgrade to Windows 7. This is not a post just to bash Windows Vista because believe me, I am really excited about Windows 7 and can’t wait to see what the new version has to offer all of us in October. Here is the list.

    Cancel/Allow: This happens every time I download, install, then run a new piece of software. Before the program starts up there will be a window that comes up which asks me if I would like to allow this program to run, even though I just told it to run. I know that there might be a way to get around this in the settings some way but the point is there shouldn’t be this kind of a problem! You shouldn’t have to allow something to happen on your computer if you already told it to do so.

    Admin Rights: I’m not sure if this has happened to you but it always happens to me. I only have one account on my computer, which should be the administrator also correct? Well Vista doesn’t seem to think so. Sometimes I will try to save a file from the internet onto a program file on my hard drive and it won’t let me because I am not the “administrator”. I end up saving it to my hard drive first then moving it into the folder that I want. I really don’t understand why this has to happen. Many times it is even just trying to delete things and my own computer won’t let me.

    Compatibility problems: Many old games, software, and hardware have a really hard time being compatible with Vista. I know I tried to install some of my old computer games and they either wouldn’t be able to install or they wouldn’t be able to run near as well as what they did on XP. I would love to see Windows 7, to be a very compatible operating system. Where you will be able to run old software and those old games that you desperately needed when you had Vista.

    Error codes: I don’t want to know that the error was number XX00825. I want to know what happened and why it happened. Telling me just numbers and letters won’t help me at all, if you actually give me an explanation then I might be able to troubleshoot it and fix it completely. It gets worse when you don’t even know if that is an error or a bad virus, then your in for a really fun time.

    I can’t wait to see what the final version of Windows 7 looks like. Hopefully it will change and impress me enough to make me upgrade. If you agree or disagree with anything I was talking about feel free to leave me a comment down below.

  • Bryan 11:01 pm on August 6, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: follow friday, followers, methods, replies, retweeting, , users   

    More followers on Twitter 

    On Twitter, everyone wants more followers. Followers help you with your problems or questions and probably actually care about what you are saying. I thought I would write and give suggestions to other Twitter users on how to get more followers. Now of course I don’t consider my self an expert in getting more Twitter followers but there are a couple of methods that I use to help myself.

    1. Retweeting. Retweeting is a great way to spread news through Twitter, or just a funny post that your friend tweeted that you want to share. They don’t actually have a retweet button on the web but many Twitter clients for your desktop and iPhone support it. I imagine the website will be putting support for it up very shortly.

    2. Follow Friday. On every Friday Twitter users @ reply their favorite people on Twitter and at the end of that tweet they put the hash tag #followfriday onto it. This is a great way to spread the word about new twitter users that need to be followed or a Twitter user that you think might be under rated that should be a lot more popular. It is a really nice thing to do for someone, it shows that you like their content and appreciate what they do.

    3. Replies. You would be surprised how much helping someone out will actually help you out in the long run. Once, a friend on mine on Twitter had a question about iTunes that I quickly helped her out with and she was very happy about it. A couple days later I found out that she tagged me in her follow friday and might have gotten a few followers from it.

    4. Don’t push people. So many times I have received direct messages from people that say “If I follow you will you follow me?”. This is a terrible question and if some one asks me this it is defiantly a turn off and I don’t follow them. Basically, if people like what you do they will follow you.

    Now I’m sure you notice that all of these methods give other people followers but it doesn’t seem like they will give you any. Well if you want to get more followers on Twitter the best way is to make friends with people and have relationships with them too. There are some really great and knowledgeable people on Twitter, get to know them! Most likely, if you help someone else out they will help you too.

    Follow Gadgets and Tech on Twitter for updates: @gadgetsandtech

  • Bryan 6:55 pm on April 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: application solution, BodyGuard, BodyGuardz, BodyGuardz.com, device, , , screen protector, squeegee card   

    iPod touch BodyGuardz Review 

    I recently received the BodyGuardz for iPod touch to review from Lauren Mullen. So a thank you goes out to her for making this happen. “BodyGuardz” are screen and complete device protectors that can protect your device from scratches. BodyGuardz are available for tons of devices. You can buy them for phones, iPods, PDAs, gaming devices, computers, and other things like cameras. All of the information about the BodyGuardz can be found here, at BodyGuardz.com.

    First, the installation. In the box they give you three basic items, they are: the BodyGuardz themselves (they give you two sets), the application solution, and a “squeegee card” to get out all of the water bubbles so the screen protector looks really nice. The application solution is put on the back of your BodyGuardz (the sticky part), so you can move them to where they need to go without having the BodyGuardz stick in their place too soon. I won’t go through the whole installation but I will tell you my thoughts on the installation process. I personally think the directions for the BodyGuardz are excellent. If you use their directions to install the BodyGuardz, you should not have many problems. The application solution that they give you is very good. As the directions say, you can’t use enough of it because eventually all of the solution will dry out. I would also suggest to you to not press down too hard with the squeegee card because it can leave some marks on the BodyGuardz that you don’t want to see later. If you wait it out, the solution should dry fairly quickly.

    Second, protection. The protection that the BodyGuardz provide is really great. Even thought BodyGuardz isn’t a very popular name, it still offers very good protection that is just as good if not better than some of the more well known screen/ device protectors. I have dropped my iPod touch a couple of times with the BodyGuard on it, and it seemed completely fine and there were not any big scratches in the device. One time I did drop my iPod touch and the BodyGuard did get a pretty good scratch in it but there was no scratch at all in my iPod touch.

    Even though BodyGuardz are very nice, I did find a few problems with the design or just installation flaws.  One small thing that is the enemy of many screen protectors is, dust. As long as you don’t have very much wind in the room where you are installing the BodyGuard in, you shouldn’t have any dust under the BodyGuard itself. However, on the back of the device near the corners, I found that after a while dust will start to collect in places that are not flat to the device. It is very hard to get all of the corners flat down on the device. This was one of the reasons why I decided to wait a little bit until I posted the review, I wanted to see the long term effects on the BodyGuard as a screen protector. The second problem I found, I wouldn’t really even classify it as a problem. I just think it is very hard to actually get everything lined up on the back of the device so it fits perfectly. If the protector isn’t on exactly right, there is some hang over on the device but you should have put a good amount of application solution on so you can pick it up and reposition the BodyGuard. The only to flaws I found in the BodyGuardz are: dust collection in non-flat parts and that it is very hard to position the BodyGuard perfectly.

    I would defiantly suggest a BodyGuard to anyone who is looking for a screen protector to put on their their devices. They are fairly easy to install, offer great protection, and give 360 protection for every part of the device. Again, you can find all of the information for the BodyGuardz at BodyGuardz.com.

  • Bryan 10:14 pm on March 13, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 3.0, AIM, , , apps, customers, firmware, , , March 18th, MMS, push notifications, SDK, smart phones, Software, , tethering, Tuesday,   

    iPhone 3.0 Thoughts 

    If you haven’t heard yet, the iPhone 3.0 software will be previewed next Tuesday, March 18th. There are so many features that the customers of the iPhone have been wanting for so long and iPhone 3.0 looks like a great chance for all of these things to be included in the iPhone.

    The first feature that everybody wants desperately is copy and paste. For months now many consumers in the tech industry have been criticizing the iPhone for not having copy and paste when many other phones already have it. All smart phones should have copy and paste including the iPhone.

    Another big feature that could come in the 3.0 upgrade is the “push notifications” feature that Apple promised us back in September. Since Apple wanted to “get it right the first time”, they have been putting the push notifications off for a while. I for one am very excited about the feature coming to the iPhone because this would work great for applications like, Twitter or AIM on your iPhone. Hopefully this will get added as soon as possible because it is over due.

    MMS. Come on Apple! This should have been in the iPhone OS long ago and everybody knows it. It is very sad that the iPhone hasn’t had this put in yet. Even the most basic Verizon and AT&T phones have this, and have had this for years now. This should definitely be put into the 3.0 update and should have been in long ago.

    The last feature that could be added to the 3.0 firmware is tethering. This would be very nice to have on the iPhone. Personally I don’t think the iPhone will get this right now, at least not for the 3.0 upgrade. There haven’t been many rumors about it and I really don’t see Apple doing this just yet.

    I am very optimistic about the new 3.0 update to the iPhone. I think they could put in so many valuable features and improve the stability all around. I would love to hear what all of you think, so please leave a comment.

    • Steve 1:06 am on March 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I wish Apple would add video capture to the iPhone. It’s possible with Cycorder and other third-party applications, but I don’t want to jailbreak my iPhone.

    • zombieboy05 4:44 pm on March 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Push works in my mail app on the iPhone. Maybe you’re referring to bookmarks and the address book and other apps.

  • Bryan 8:49 pm on February 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 5.1, AX Pro, complex, con, cords, , , , Playstation Network, pro, , surround sound, Tritton, , Xbox Live   

    Review of the AX Pro 

    I recently received the AX Pro for review. It is a gaming headset made by a company called Tritton. We have had other Tritton products reviewed here on Gadgets and Tech and they have turned out pretty good. Over this review I will tell you if the AX Pro continues the pattern.

    Of course what everyone wants to know about gaming headsets is their sound quality. To me this is one of the AX Pro’s biggest pros. This headset has excellent sound quality. The sound quality from these headphones is better than my TV. It also has 5.1 surround sound so you feel even more into your game. To deliver this excellent sound quality the AX Pro has eight speakers, four in each ear.

    One of the items that is included in the box is a controller for the headset. On it you can increase or decrease the volume, turn your microphone on and off and turn the chat on the game higher or lower. You can also choose to turn different parts of the acoustics higher or lower. Just click the part you want to change and put it up or down. You can choose between front, center, rear or subwoofer. If you don’t click a certain one then you will just control all of them by default.

    Since the AX Pro is a gaming headset a microphone is also included. So you can talk to your friends on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network or your Mac/PC. I did find one problem with the microphone; it doesn’t pick up quieter sounds. So if you talk softer than most people this might not be for you because the microphone will not be able to pick up your voice. Other than that small problem the microphone has worked fine for me.

    The biggest con I found in the AX Pro is its size and set up time. It did take me a while to figure out where all the cords go because there are many cords that come in the box with the headset itself. The set up process is also fairly complex. There are many different boxes, cords, and outlets, but hopefully you can figure it out with the instruction manual that they give you. This is one thing that I think they could improve on in the next generation of the AX Pro. Once you figure out the set up instructions you are good to go!

    Final Points


    • Sound quality is excellent.
    • Surround sound. 
    • Microphone included.


    • Very bulky set up with many pieces.
    • Cords seem like they are going everywhere.
    • Microphone doesn’t pick up quieter sounds.

    If you want a great sounding gaming headset with surround sound and you don’t mind a bulky set up system or many cords then the AX Pro would be a great choice for you. You can pick up the AX Pro online for around $160. In my opinion, the pros definitely outweigh the cons.

  • Bryan 5:19 am on February 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Is Pc gaming dead? 

    I’m not sure if it’s just me but I really think PC gaming is dying, and very fast. I remember playing Call of Duty 2 online with so many other people, there were hundreds of servers you could play on. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it, unitll I got my Xbox 360 last Christmas.

    When I got my 360, it was the first gaming console that I actually played a lot. Before that I had a GameCube which really wasn’t that great. So right when I got it, I started playing Xbox Live. This was so fun because I could play with all of my friends. I think this is why people are moving away from PC gaming.

    Sure you can use things like XFire to play with your friends but it won’t be near the experience that you would get with Xbox Live. Plus there are a lot more people on Xbox Live and PlayStation than on any PC game. The only game that is still really being played on the PC is World of Warcraft, and games like it.

    I think all video games are really turning into mutiplayer games and playing with friends. So what do you think? Is PC gaming dying? Why or why not? Please leave a comment and tell me what you think!

    • Chris 10:38 pm on February 5, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Maybe a shift in PC games but far from dead, my reasoning for this:

      – FPS, diehard FPS fans will not play on a console until they can play using a mouse and keyboard and this is because they offer better accuracy and customization.

      – control pad, alluded to above but until developers allow for control pad customization you won’t even start to pull in from true PC base.

      – this Sims/SimCity/Civilization, you can not recreate the gaming experience that you get on a PC with the console. I think they did a great job porting the Civilization game to the 360 but playing the PC/Mac version is like a completely different beast.

      – no ability for real level building or editing on a console and if there is it’s normally pretty cumbersome, on a PC it’s a better experience.

      and the biggest sign that it isn’t dead or even close is…

      – World of Warcraft…RPG’s can’t be experienced on a console the way they are on a PC.

      Where it does come into play is end users, console games have a longer shelf life because of recycling and bargain bins because people are always adopting new gaming consoles and instead of paying $60 for a new game will pick up 2-3 used games…and the popular games will always have someone online playing them on a console.

      A PC is a different story, you can’t really walk into a game store and pick up a used copy of a PC game anymore, PC gamers buy the game, play it and as soon as it is is updated they’ll buy that new version and stop playing the older version, no recycling and there isn’t really a bargain bins for the games either, they are released, bought, and then pretty much disappear until they end up in the CD jewel case with slip case in the $9.99 section and those games have a very long shelf life, which is to say that they sit on the shelf for a very long time.

      Social gaming and traditional gaming are two different things all together, social gaming is better on a console with friends trash talking each other. That is better on a console because it is a one stop shop, easy to see if friends are on, easy to make sure everyone is playing using the same version of the game (no mods, etc) and can be done on a whim.

      There are more casual gamers on consoles and Xbox Live and Playstation Network.

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    Tags: @bthockey, @cyclingplatypus, @ghall, accounts, follow, , , photoshop, , ,   

    Gadgets and Tech on Twitter! 

    I decided that we should have some way of notifying all of you (our viewers) of when we have new posts up on our website. So I wipped up an icon on Photoshop and made our Twitter account. You can find it at this link > @gadgetsandtech. If you would like to follow us, that would be great! We will tweet when we have some new posts up, so hopefully you will come and see them. Also, if you would like to follow the writers here at Gadgets and Tech here are our twitter accounts. All of our writers have Twitter.

    Bryan Thomas- @bthockey

    Chris Miller- @cyclingplatypus

    Graham Hall- @ghall

  • Bryan 9:20 am on January 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: $0.99, , application, brain, , , Speed Brain, thinking   

    Review of Speed Brain for the iPhone 

    Recentley Andrea Lawn gave me the game Speed Brain for the iPhone and iPod touch and she asked for a review on it. So thank you to Andrea for making this happen.

    So basically Speed Brain is a application that helps your brain think faster. It’s kind of hard to explain without having you actually use it. Some games similar to this have came out for the Nintendo DS and other gaming platforms.

    This is a pretty simple application. All you have to do us remember the first picture you see then they show you another one. If it is the same as the last picture you press match. If it is a different picture then you press no match. After that then you have to remember the picture that you just did. It does get quite complex and difficult.

    After you are done. It shows you some things like your reaction time and your accuracy of saying match or no match. It also give you a score which you can compare to others.

    I personally use this application in the morning. When I am just sitting on my couch feeling really tired. This is when I think the application has the best use. It really helps wake me up and get my brain working for the day.

    I do think that they could really add a lot to this application. They could add various other games, to make it better than others on the App Store. If you have any un spent Christmas iTunes cards, you can pick up Speed Brain in the App Store for only $0.99.

    • Romain David 2:02 pm on January 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks Bryan for the great review. We are currently working on new exciting iPhone products and we will keep you up to date.

  • Bryan 8:00 pm on January 18, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Gadgets and Tech- Looking for writers 

    As many of you can probably tell. Gadgets and Tech hasn’t had too many post up in the past few months. But as the founder of Gadgets and Tech, I am trying to turn that around.

    So if you would like to write for Gadgets and Tech, please send us an email at gadgetsandtech@gmail.com. Please include…

    1. Your name and age
    2. What you would mainly post about.
    3. Why you would like to blog with us.
    4. Any other previous blogging experience.
    5. How often you intend on posting.

    We could really use some new writers.

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