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  • Bryan 6:55 pm on April 16, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: application solution, BodyGuard, BodyGuardz, BodyGuardz.com, device, , iPod touch, screen protector, squeegee card   

    iPod touch BodyGuardz Review 

    I recently received the BodyGuardz for iPod touch to review from Lauren Mullen. So a thank you goes out to her for making this happen. “BodyGuardz” are screen and complete device protectors that can protect your device from scratches. BodyGuardz are available for tons of devices. You can buy them for phones, iPods, PDAs, gaming devices, computers, and other things like cameras. All of the information about the BodyGuardz can be found here, at BodyGuardz.com.

    First, the installation. In the box they give you three basic items, they are: the BodyGuardz themselves (they give you two sets), the application solution, and a “squeegee card” to get out all of the water bubbles so the screen protector looks really nice. The application solution is put on the back of your BodyGuardz (the sticky part), so you can move them to where they need to go without having the BodyGuardz stick in their place too soon. I won’t go through the whole installation but I will tell you my thoughts on the installation process. I personally think the directions for the BodyGuardz are excellent. If you use their directions to install the BodyGuardz, you should not have many problems. The application solution that they give you is very good. As the directions say, you can’t use enough of it because eventually all of the solution will dry out. I would also suggest to you to not press down too hard with the squeegee card because it can leave some marks on the BodyGuardz that you don’t want to see later. If you wait it out, the solution should dry fairly quickly.

    Second, protection. The protection that the BodyGuardz provide is really great. Even thought BodyGuardz isn’t a very popular name, it still offers very good protection that is just as good if not better than some of the more well known screen/ device protectors. I have dropped my iPod touch a couple of times with the BodyGuard on it, and it seemed completely fine and there were not any big scratches in the device. One time I did drop my iPod touch and the BodyGuard did get a pretty good scratch in it but there was no scratch at all in my iPod touch.

    Even though BodyGuardz are very nice, I did find a few problems with the design or just installation flaws.  One small thing that is the enemy of many screen protectors is, dust. As long as you don’t have very much wind in the room where you are installing the BodyGuard in, you shouldn’t have any dust under the BodyGuard itself. However, on the back of the device near the corners, I found that after a while dust will start to collect in places that are not flat to the device. It is very hard to get all of the corners flat down on the device. This was one of the reasons why I decided to wait a little bit until I posted the review, I wanted to see the long term effects on the BodyGuard as a screen protector. The second problem I found, I wouldn’t really even classify it as a problem. I just think it is very hard to actually get everything lined up on the back of the device so it fits perfectly. If the protector isn’t on exactly right, there is some hang over on the device but you should have put a good amount of application solution on so you can pick it up and reposition the BodyGuard. The only to flaws I found in the BodyGuardz are: dust collection in non-flat parts and that it is very hard to position the BodyGuard perfectly.

    I would defiantly suggest a BodyGuard to anyone who is looking for a screen protector to put on their their devices. They are fairly easy to install, offer great protection, and give 360 protection for every part of the device. Again, you can find all of the information for the BodyGuardz at BodyGuardz.com.

  • Bryan 10:14 pm on March 13, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 3.0, AIM, , , apps, customers, firmware, , iPod touch, March 18th, MMS, push notifications, SDK, smart phones, Software, , tethering, Tuesday,   

    iPhone 3.0 Thoughts 

    If you haven’t heard yet, the iPhone 3.0 software will be previewed next Tuesday, March 18th. There are so many features that the customers of the iPhone have been wanting for so long and iPhone 3.0 looks like a great chance for all of these things to be included in the iPhone.

    The first feature that everybody wants desperately is copy and paste. For months now many consumers in the tech industry have been criticizing the iPhone for not having copy and paste when many other phones already have it. All smart phones should have copy and paste including the iPhone.

    Another big feature that could come in the 3.0 upgrade is the “push notifications” feature that Apple promised us back in September. Since Apple wanted to “get it right the first time”, they have been putting the push notifications off for a while. I for one am very excited about the feature coming to the iPhone because this would work great for applications like, Twitter or AIM on your iPhone. Hopefully this will get added as soon as possible because it is over due.

    MMS. Come on Apple! This should have been in the iPhone OS long ago and everybody knows it. It is very sad that the iPhone hasn’t had this put in yet. Even the most basic Verizon and AT&T phones have this, and have had this for years now. This should definitely be put into the 3.0 update and should have been in long ago.

    The last feature that could be added to the 3.0 firmware is tethering. This would be very nice to have on the iPhone. Personally I don’t think the iPhone will get this right now, at least not for the 3.0 upgrade. There haven’t been many rumors about it and I really don’t see Apple doing this just yet.

    I am very optimistic about the new 3.0 update to the iPhone. I think they could put in so many valuable features and improve the stability all around. I would love to hear what all of you think, so please leave a comment.

    • Steve 1:06 am on March 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I wish Apple would add video capture to the iPhone. It’s possible with Cycorder and other third-party applications, but I don’t want to jailbreak my iPhone.

    • zombieboy05 4:44 pm on March 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Push works in my mail app on the iPhone. Maybe you’re referring to bookmarks and the address book and other apps.

  • Bryan 9:20 am on January 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: $0.99, , application, brain, , iPod touch, Speed Brain, thinking   

    Review of Speed Brain for the iPhone 

    Recentley Andrea Lawn gave me the game Speed Brain for the iPhone and iPod touch and she asked for a review on it. So thank you to Andrea for making this happen.

    So basically Speed Brain is a application that helps your brain think faster. It’s kind of hard to explain without having you actually use it. Some games similar to this have came out for the Nintendo DS and other gaming platforms.

    This is a pretty simple application. All you have to do us remember the first picture you see then they show you another one. If it is the same as the last picture you press match. If it is a different picture then you press no match. After that then you have to remember the picture that you just did. It does get quite complex and difficult.

    After you are done. It shows you some things like your reaction time and your accuracy of saying match or no match. It also give you a score which you can compare to others.

    I personally use this application in the morning. When I am just sitting on my couch feeling really tired. This is when I think the application has the best use. It really helps wake me up and get my brain working for the day.

    I do think that they could really add a lot to this application. They could add various other games, to make it better than others on the App Store. If you have any un spent Christmas iTunes cards, you can pick up Speed Brain in the App Store for only $0.99.

    • Romain David 2:02 pm on January 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks Bryan for the great review. We are currently working on new exciting iPhone products and we will keep you up to date.

  • Bryan 9:18 am on October 11, 2008 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: accelerometer, amazing, , Brain washing, Christmas, click feature, , hand, , , iPod touch, Mother's Day, , redesign, shake, short, shuffle, year   

    The New iPod nanos 

    Apple recently released all new iPods for their Christmas line up, as they do all most every year. This year they completely redesigned the iPod nano, and I love the redesign.

    Last year there was some speculation on weather people would like the “short” design of the iPod nano. At the time I think people loved it. I saw a lot of my friends getting them for Christmas. I even got one for my mom for Mother’s Day last year. Everyone thought that the new one looked great so they bought it. Looking back on it now, I hate the fat look. It’s crazy how Apple can just kind of “brain wash” you to buy almost any product that they put out there.

    I love the new iPod nano design and I don’t think it is just the “brain washing” from Apple. The second I saw all of those colors at the special event, I was stunned. Seriously, I think the new iPods look fantastic. They have a bigger screen so you can watch videos easier and they are very thin. You could barely see it in the keynote when he was holding it up on it’s side. I can’t wait to get one of them in my hand.

    They also put some new features into the iPod nano. Features like the accelerometer and shake to shuffle. You can now turn one of the new iPod nanos on it’s side and you can get coverflow. This was something brand new with this iPod, no other iPod had an accelerometer in it but the iPod touch. The second feature is shake to shuffle. All you have to do it shake your iPod and it shuffles the music just like if you where to click shuffle on your iPod. The new iPod nano looks amazing and I can’t wait to get it into my hand and see other people with them. Great job Apple on making yet another amazing product.

  • Bryan 4:40 pm on September 4, 2008 Permalink | Reply
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    New iPod nanos and iPod touches! (Rumors) 

    Well these two rumors have been around for a while, the 4G iPod nano and the 2G iPod touch. Personally I can’t wait for either. They both seem to have great changes to their “form”, I can’t wait to see how the new ones look.

    By the rumors the 4G iPod nano is going back to its last “tall” form, and it is going to have curved edges just like the newer MacBook Air. The new 3G iPhone also has the curved back to it. I personally don’t like the tall nano, I think that the short one looks a lot better, but I understand that they want to enlarge the screen for viewing video. l I like the new curved products by Apple, I think they make them look amazing. I do wonder about the colors that they will be available with. I think that I like the new 3G colors compared to the 2G colors.

    The new iPod touch, also has many changes to it’s look. For starters the back is looking more like the iPhone, which I think is a great idea. The second change is on the side, volume buttons! I know many people in the Apple community have wanted this for so long and it looks like it will finally get put on the new iPod touch. The one thing that I would really want for the next iPod touch to have is for it to be available in colors. I’m not talking about blue, green, and red. Just the black and white like the iPhone, I would love that.

    There are many rumors that the iPod touch will be getting GPS. I have mixed feelings about having GPS in the iPod touch, but I personally don’t think it is a good idea. I think if it got GPS, a lot of people that want iPhones would just buy the iPod touch and they wouldn’t have to deal with the cell phone plan and AT&T. I think that I would rather have a speaker and a mic. I think so many people would buy the iPod touch if it had a speaker, it would be so nice not to have to use your headphones all the time.

    So, I can’t wait till September 9th. It should be a great day. So what do you think about these new rumored iPod’s? Do you like the new iPod nano? Should the iPod touch have GPS? Let me know what you think, leave a comment or email us at gadgetsandtech@gmail.com.

  • Bryan 10:16 am on June 20, 2008 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: Floort, , iPod touch   

    Floort- Express your Opinion! 

    Recently I found a great web application for the iPhone and iPod touch, it is called Floort. Floort is a application designed so that people can share their opinions with everyone else that goes on the site. When people go to see your “Floort” they can either say they agree, disagree, or that they are not sure. I have been using Floort for a coulpe of weeks now and I have really enjoyed it.

    But even if you don’t have a iPhone you can still join in on the fun. Just go to Floort.com, sign up, and start telling the world how you feel about the topics that you love. Floort has also been on Apple’s list of staff picks a couple of time.

    I would highly suggest this application! I have had a lot of fun with it in the past few weeks.

  • Bryan 2:46 pm on April 22, 2008 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: , , iPod touch, Nike   

    Nike+ for iPhone? 

    As you probably know, there have been some rumors of the Nike+ features coming to the iPhone. I think that this would be a great move by Apple for two reasons. One, a lot of people will buy it which just means more money for Apple. Two, Apple could realy make an impression on the “workout” community.

    Even if only a fraction of Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch users bought this that would be so much money for them. The device it self is $29 and they might charge for it. I would guess around 5 to 10 dollars, but this might only be for the iPod touch, from what we have been recently been seeing.

    Another reason why Apple should implement this is to kind of “get their foot in the door” in the workout community. Nike and Apple could do amazing things with their iPods and the connections that Nike has. Also, almost everyone in the United States knows what an iPhone is and this could get them even more publicity and reasons for people to buy it.

    I hope that Apple makes the right decision and implements the Nike+ features for the iPhone and iPod touch because I would defiantly buy one. Some other people are saying that it is just a matter of time before they do that, like it will defiantly happen but I wouldn’t count our eggs before they are hatched.

    • Buy Low Price Digital Camera 10:18 pm on April 23, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      Would you believe I don’t have an iPod at all? I am sooo behind the times (and doubt anyone will buy me one).

    • Buy iPod Touch 10:56 am on April 30, 2008 Permalink | Reply

      I just received a 16GB touch for my birthday, but unfortunately I have about 20 GB of music/videos etc. I expect this number to grow, so I am considering exchanging the 16GB touch for a 80GB classic for the greater storage capacity. I am still undecided because I really like the wifi and other added features of the touch. However, I also have an Eee PC, which is really enough to fulfill my portable wifi and web needs. Still, the touch has many more features over the classic. Which should I get? Thanks for the help!

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